Picture of The Best Cap You Can't Buy
This is a fun headwear sewing project featuring a sleek aerodynamic design, a quick faux-felled seam,  and the most luxurious cuff. In the upright position you get 3 layers of ear protection. Folded down, the cuff will cover your face and neck. Goodbye premature sunrises.

You will need a remnant of 4-way stretch fabric and matching thread. Polyester/spandex blend makes a nice sleepy hat. Brushed rayon blend is cozy for outdoor winter activities. I think this would also work if you were careful to horizontally orient the stretch of a 2-way fleece. But this is South Florida and that's theoretical. 

Step 1: Cut & Pin

Picture of Cut & Pin
Here we have a 20 x 14 inch piece of fabric folded to 10 x 14 or so. The seam will use an inch and the width will vary with your head size.

A 5 quart bowl was just right for cutting a hemispheric pattern. Then pin the cut edges. 
wold6302 years ago
I would love to see the cap on someone's head. Do you have a picture?

Nice work - those store bought caps are expensive!
flavrt (author)  wold6302 years ago
As you wish.
wold630 flavrt2 years ago
Hey, thanks! Now you should think about using that as your main image! It's really a great tutorial!