This is a fun headwear sewing project featuring a sleek aerodynamic design, a quick faux-felled seam,  and the most luxurious cuff. In the upright position you get 3 layers of ear protection. Folded down, the cuff will cover your face and neck. Goodbye premature sunrises.

You will need a remnant of 4-way stretch fabric and matching thread. Polyester/spandex blend makes a nice sleepy hat. Brushed rayon blend is cozy for outdoor winter activities. I think this would also work if you were careful to horizontally orient the stretch of a 2-way fleece. But this is South Florida and that's theoretical. 

Step 1: Cut & Pin

Here we have a 20 x 14 inch piece of fabric folded to 10 x 14 or so. The seam will use an inch and the width will vary with your head size.

A 5 quart bowl was just right for cutting a hemispheric pattern. Then pin the cut edges. 
I would love to see the cap on someone's head. Do you have a picture? <br> <br>Nice work - those store bought caps are expensive!
As you wish.
Hey, thanks! Now you should think about using that as your main image! It's really a great tutorial!

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