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I have tried so many mug cakes. For me, this is the best. It is so moist, spongy and delicious. You will need only 2 minutes to make this delicious cake. If you are chocolate lover, this is for you. Please try it out. I am sure, you will make it again.

This recipe is for the capacity of 2 cups.

Here I used 2 cups.The capacity of each cup is 1 cup.

Preparation time : 5 minutes

Cooking time : less than 2 minutes

Step 1: Ingredients

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For cake:

1/4 cup All Purpose flour

1/4 cup Sugar

2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tbsp of chocolate chips

3 tbsp milk

3 tbsp melted butter

1 small egg

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

1 tbsp water

A pinch of salt

For Garnishing:

Icing sugar


Step 2: Method

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  • Take all purpose flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder and salt in a small mixing bowl. Whisk until all incorporated.
  • Add egg, melted butter, milk and vanilla extract to dry mixture . Mix all well without any lump formation.
  • Grease the cup with butter or oil.
  • Divide the cake batter equally in 2 cups. Now add a tbsp of choco chip in center of both mugs (while microwaving, it ll go inside). Sprinkle water on top the batter. It helps to keep the cake moist and gooey.
  • Microwave it for 1:30 minutes.

That's all :) Chocolaty mug cake is ready.

Wait for few minutes to cool down. Then sprinkle some icing sugar on top, garnish with berries and serve.

Note : Microwave timing will be slightly differ from different microwave. If its not cooked in the center, keep 10 to 20 more seconds.

Adding choco chips, gives gooey texture and it makes the cake so tasty.


nvmoose (author)2016-03-08

Made this tonight and it turned out great.

sangeetajha (author)2016-02-02

very nice

Bhawya (author)sangeetajha2016-02-05

Thank you :)

Bhawya (author)sangeetajha2016-02-05

Thank you :)

preetirao (author)2016-01-25

Hi, how to make it eggless please? and I have an OTG. what should be the setting?

Bhawya (author)preetirao2016-01-28

Hi.. Replace egg with 1/4 cup of banana puree.. Im sorry, i havent tried it in otg. Ll get back to u soon.

preetirao (author)Bhawya2016-01-29

Thanks dear. This recipe had 1 egg so 1/4 cup of banana puree.
Does it mean for 2 eggs, we should use 2 1/4 cups?
And please do let me know about the OTG setting. I bought a new one and am scared to use it.

preetirao (author)2016-01-25

Hi, how to make it eggless please? and I have an OTG. what should be the setting?

JacquelineL5 (author)preetirao2016-01-28

You can use ground flax seeds, it does the trick, a teaspoon should be enough for this recipe.

preetirao (author)JacquelineL52016-01-29

Thanks Jacqueline

Bhawya (author)JacquelineL52016-01-28

Yes, ur right..Thanks :)

SirLadySketch (author)2016-01-26

As a dessert in a cup connoisseur, I must say that this recipe takes the literal cake. Delicious and so easy! I've added this to my favorite recipes list, and I plan to add in some peanut butter chips the next time I make it. :)

Bhawya (author)SirLadySketch2016-01-28

Peanut butter with chocolate is grt combo. I love tat too.. Thanks for trying it.

RozG2 (author)2016-01-16

Made this: Unlike any other mug cake recipe I've tried, it's actual, proper cake. Honestly, give it a go.

Every other mug cake recipe I've tried has resembled an out of control lab experiment and tasted like a slimy bath sponge when warm and rubber when cooling and this one really doesn't, so I'd definitely recommend trying it.

Bhawya (author)RozG22016-01-16

Really glad to see ur comment.. Thank you so much :)

nflemming2004 (author)2016-01-15

Is the cooking time the same if you just want to make it in one big 2c mug? Would it end up undercooked?

Bhawya (author)nflemming20042016-01-15

Mostly it 'll b cooked. If It's not, please add few more minutes. I believe it won't take more than 2 minutes. Thanks.

nflemming2004 (author)2016-01-15

Is the cooking time the same if you just want to make it in one big 2c mug? Would it end up undercooked?

mustela125 (author)2016-01-14

What is the Watt rating on your microwave? It should be posted somewhere on there, like 1100 Watts for example. Knowing what yours is will help us know what adjustments we need to make to the cooking time. Thanks! Excited to try this out!

Bhawya (author)mustela1252016-01-14

cooking power is 1000 watts.. I 'll update this in post. Thanks.

Westernnylady (author)2016-01-14

Just an FYI. I'm guessing the 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder is supposed to go in with the other dry ingredients. It's not listed in your recipe.

Bhawya (author)Westernnylady2016-01-14

Oops.. Yes, thanks for telling it :)

mustela125 (author)Bhawya2016-01-14

Just a tip, you can edit your instructable and add that in there. =)

Bhawya (author)mustela1252016-01-14

Yes.. But leftover contest judging is on now.. If i edit, it ll become disqualified. Ll definitely edit it tomo :)

Grace Carnegie (author)2016-01-11

This looks and sounds soooo good! I'm think I'm going to make it tomorrow!

Bhawya (author)Grace Carnegie2016-01-12

Thanks:) please share your feedback..

Grace Carnegie (author)Bhawya2016-01-13

I made them yesterday! And they were really good! We don't have a microwave, so I used the oven. But for some reason they were a bit dry. Do you know why?

Bhawya (author)Grace Carnegie2016-01-14

Thanks for trying it. glad it tasted good..

I think it became dry because of oven baked.. How long did u bake it?

Grace Carnegie (author)Bhawya2016-01-14

I actually don't how long I baked it, but just until the toothpick come out clean. Should I do it a little less then that?

TeresaM7 (author)2016-01-14

Definitely need to try this!

Bhawya (author)TeresaM72016-01-14

Thanks:) please share your feedback..

Spaceman Spiff (author)2016-01-12

I am so making this tonight!

Bhawya (author)Spaceman Spiff2016-01-13

Thanks :) please share your feedback..

vgdanov made it! (author)2016-01-13

Thank you for the recipe. Tasty, quick and easy.

Bhawya (author)vgdanov2016-01-13

Thank you :) glad u liked it

HollyMann (author)2016-01-12

This looks so beautiful and so delicious!

Bhawya (author)HollyMann2016-01-12

Thank you :)

cdstudioNH (author)2016-01-11

This is so perfect for dinner, yes, dinner, on Valentine's Day. Thank you!!

Bhawya (author)cdstudioNH2016-01-12

yes :) it is.. Thanks

Ssalazar222 (author)2016-01-12

I loved the idea I think it was fabulous

Bhawya (author)Ssalazar2222016-01-12

Thanks :)

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