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There are a lot of tutorials for making your own dry erase board. But most of those use panel board, over time the glossy coating wears off and this can cause ghosting. The design I created uses clear acrylic, which doesn't break down from the friction of the marker. It is also a much nicer surface to write on.

Step 1: Supplies

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You'll need the following
•A small sheet of clear acrylic
•A piece of paper or card stock
•Duct Tape

Step 2: Assembly

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Cut a piece of paper to fit the acrylic sheet, and secure the piece by wrapping the edge with a piece of duct tape torn in half

Step 3: Write

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Now you have your own dry erase board that you probably didn't even pay for. This board will last for years and will never ghost, but it can shatter so be careful. I find the board to be very useful for balancing chemical reactions and for jotting down quick measurements in my engineering drawing class.

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sean_sylvester1 (author)2014-09-17

After a week of using it everyday in honors chem and engineering drawing there's still no ghosting!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-14

Neat! Thanks for sharing!

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