Picture of The Best Damn Pen Shooter Period.
This is a WARNING. Do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES point this at anybody or any living creature. It's a very strong little pen shooter, and can leave more than a mark. I am not going to held accountable for your actions, so if you are not mature enough to handle this carefully... turn away NOW.

Now for the good stuff :)

This is a fun and easy (and cheap) little toy that I invented the other day. It's very strong and shoots very far.

What you'll need:

1 Office Depot Ballpoint pen - very cheap -- 1 dozen for $0.89
(this might work with other pens, but I haven't tried)

1 Rubber band of medium length

Some String

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Step 1: Making the Barrel

Picture of Making the Barrel
Pull the writing end and the little plug on the back of the pen off.
This is a very easy step, if you can't figure it out, you LOSE. Please try again.

Step 2: Placing the Rubberband

Picture of Placing the Rubberband
The ideal way to place the rubberband is have it crossed accross the pen (as shown).
You want to make sure that the rubberband lies only about an inch and a half past the firing end when it is fully stretched.

*Note* The firing end is the end opposite the side you write with.
It's the one with the wider hole.

Step 3: Securing the Rubberband

Picture of Securing the Rubberband
Use the string to tightly wrap around the rubberband.
How much string you use and where you place it will affect how your rubberband stretches.
Tie the string off at the end so it won't come loose.

Step 4: Loading the ammo

Picture of Loading the ammo
Use the ink cartridge as the ammo.
Insert it into the wide hole of the barrel so that the pointy end goes in last.
Let it slide all the way to the bottom.

If you are using an Office Depot pen, the ink cartridge will fit in there very nicely.
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 Hmm, step 3 in the last sentence, I'll just give you people an optional thing there for permanence, and it is only recommended if you are using a fairly thick rubber band, just a bit thicker than the one in the images. When you're done tying the string there, just squirt a little bit of glue in there and let it soak in there. Let it dry, and it is really strong. Remember. It's only optional. 
I've spent ages messing around with these over the years and for the most powerful shooter use the 'barrel' from the crayola twisty crayon things. You'll notice the improvement! :)
Mc. Evil3 years ago
Thanks for this now i can finally get that annoying cat down the street
wait is this cat out to get you?
you mean kill it or just hurt it
nope not getting a ink cartridge in my thumb nope
Mc. Evil3 years ago
the cat down the street is doomed
Atlas225 years ago


this is ment to be a fun class wepon thingy,
You guys are all thinking like your planing to break out of

Its really good though
an1153 Atlas223 years ago
says the guy with shanks as his picture
alright dude calm down :(
Ariskis Atlas224 years ago
I know right?
Says the man with custom-built knifes as his avatar...
glugnar Atlas225 years ago
maybe we are
glugnar glugnar5 years ago
lol jk
jschap13 years ago
This design works at least as well and has the advantage of not requiring string.
im a hero. i shot this at a teacher "accidentaly" and i missed, and instead broke the mirror for the overhead (aka lightbox) and my teacher freaked out and quit!!!
markmengele4 years ago
if you think this is cool come check out my 3ft long version. i have one picture of it  on profile and the 1/2in dowels it shoots really pack a punch.
Thats wut she said
Look's deadly, you could probably hunt birds with it.
that is pretty ausum :D
bwells23 years ago
Can you hunt birds with it?
Couso5 years ago
 I made one of these a few years ago at work on my break in the stock room, and instead of using the ink part of the pen, I used a small metal rod that broke off one of the metal baskets.  I launched it nearly about 30 feet through the stock room and the rod went straight through a box and out the other side.  I decided to throw it away after that hahaha
its dangerous thats why????
man this thing could seriously puncture a trachea or two
jhiggins-14 years ago
i have a similar one but all mine is is a the body of a pen with a balloon or you could use an elastic band on the end and you simply put the pen ink thing in pull it back and fire how bout you try great fun and will be great humour at a party as it does not hurt one bit :D
interesting !!
legendx4 years ago
it hurts
freelife5714 years ago
A short,thick rubberband i found has shot the hardest,so if this design works with a small one and is powerful,try a thick one.
this is a simple yet effective design... so i took it made it double barreled and made some other modificatiions
CaseBoy4 years ago
or you can use those super small rubber bands from braces.
You hardly invented this, these have been around for ever...
I made one of the pen shooters and it works but you need to make a video because it took me a while to figure it out and when I did it went about 20.
i made one in class and my teacher took it up and he kinda looked down da barrel and it got within half an inch of his eye it left an embarassing welt and i got 3 detentions for bringing a potential weapon to class.
why would a teacher (who is supposed to be "smarter") Look down the barrel of a gun??? thats just stupid.

That is so stereotypical.

BTW "Wait, Mr. Thompson, that thing is dangerous. Especially the end with the hole."

P.S. Don't "That's what she said" me. >:D

lo, that is the name of the principal at my elementary school!
like ur avatar
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