The Best Dang Butterbeer Outside of Hogsmeade





Introduction: The Best Dang Butterbeer Outside of Hogsmeade

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Butterbeer perfection! Worked on it after getting home from Universal, & this tastes exactly like theirs :) All hands on deck, Granger! Enjoy!

Step 1: Butterbeer

Add 5 tablespoons Butterscotch syrup (I suggest the brand Torani) and 1 teaspoon butter flavor to a 2L bottle of Cream Soda. Cap, & rotate entire bottle to mix it (shaking will make it flat)

Step 2: Froth

Mix the following in a Kitchen Aid or bowl until whipped:
- 1 tub Marshmallow Fluff (16oz)
- 2 cups Whipping cream
- 1 tbsp Powdered Sugar
- 3.5 tsp Rum Extract

Step 3: Enjoy

Pour Butterbeer in a glass, top with froth, & enjoy! Froth also goes really well on waffles, fruit, donuts, cookies, spoons...and basically everything else!



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How long is it durable in a bottle? :)

So, metric-wise, the drink is 2L cream soda, 75ml butterscotch syrup, and 5ml butter extract, plus a topping of 1L marshmallow fluff, 1L whipping cream, 15ml powdered sugar, and 18ml of rum extract.

This will be what I drink when I read any fantasy book from now on...

?? ps the froth makes the BEST waffle topping. Ever.

Can you clarify whether it is 5 TBSP or TSP for the Torani butterscotch syrup? You typed "5 tablespoons" but the picture of your handwritten recipe says "5 TSP." Regardless I'll probably try it both ways, this sounds delicious, thanks for posting it!

Good catch! You'll want TBSP- 5tsp really didn't taste like much

And here I was hoping we'd be making real beer... *sigh*

Back to my homebrewers kit

Look up Heston Blumenthal - he actually finds a recipie for actual Butterbeer!

I can feel my blood sugar rising already! Great thought but probably not recommended for kids around bedtime! :)

Thanks so much. My daughter leaves for college soon and I wanted to make her favorite meal the night before she leaves. Shes a major Harry Potter fan and loves Butter Beer so this will be a nice surprize to go with her dinner.