Here I'll show you how to make a simple multi tool that can be used for repairing or disassembling electronics connectors,repairing automotive connectors ,replacing connector terminals, back probing connectors with the use of alligator clips. It will release most terminals from most automotive connectors and they can then be used as inexpensive test clips. It also proves useful for frontal lobotomies or Prison Shivalry . This Instructable also includes step by step instructions on how to take an import vehicle injector connector apart as an example.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

1. A drill
2. Small drill bits (1/16") at least.
3. A Rotary multi tool. with various accessories.*see the second picture for the 3 most important*
4. A saw (The rotary tool with the right cut off wheel works fine)
5. A small metal ruler or a tape measure.
6. Glue

1. Wooden Dowel. I used 1/2 inch ( under $2 for 3ft)
2. Construction Flags. ($2.99 for 30)

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