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Introduction: The Best Ever Burger Sauce!

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Ketchup was a firm favourite with my family for smothering burgers with. That was until I made this particular sauce which blew the ketchup out of the window!

This is perfect for those times you fancy something different, but don't have fancy things in the cupboard that other recipes call for. I tried having a look around for a recipe, but couldn't find one that I had everything in for, so I raided the cupboards and made my own :)

Also works great as a dip!

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingrdients

1. 1 tbsp of ketchup
2. 2 tbsp of mayonnaise (would be even better with home made mayo!)
3. 1/4 tsp of garlic
4. 1/8 tsp of paprika
5. sugar to taste (not pictured)

Step 2: Mix Mix Mix

add the ketchup, mayo, garlic and paprika into a bowl and give them a good mix. 

You're going to want to make sure you've mixed them as well as you can; you don't want to find any lumps of the paprika powder on your burger.

Once you've mixed it all up properly, give it a taste. It may taste quite tangy - this is where the sugar comes in (unless you like the tanginess of course!)

Add the sugar a sprinkle at a time and give it another good mix. Keep doing this slowly until you have the taste you desire. There's no set amount, this bit's all down to personal taste :)

Step 3: And Finally...

Once you've got the taste perfect, it's time for the good part.

Pile lettuce, your burger, a slice of tomato and any other toppings you prefer on your bun and smother it all with sauce; the more the better!

As a side note, I only made this amount as it was for just three of us, but as the quantities are pretty simple, you should have no problem making more or less. Would be great for any BBQs you have coming up this Summer!

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    Sorry for the incredibly late reply, I haven't logged in for a while (obviously) and only received an email about your comment a few days ago... I'm not sure why. Anyway, a tablespoon is a little larger than a soup spoon, I believe. I would probably use 2 soup spoons instead of a tablespoon. Hope this helps!

    Interesting; this is a perfect excuse to make burgers. lol Thank you for the instructable!

    1 reply

    You never need an excuse to make burgers! Enjoy! :D

    I think this is called Aurora sauce and it's quite popular in Japan. Great job, it's a very delicious sauce.

    1 reply

    Thousand Island Dressing

    This is so simple to make, yet it tastes so good! It's practically a platform for hundreds of other sauces, too.

    1 reply

    Except for the Garlic, Paprika, and sugar, this is the sauce that my family has made since long before I was born. Our is ketchup, Mayonaise, mustard, and Worchester Sauce. Just a little bit more ketchup than the rest of it to make an orange colour. Sort of like the special sauce in Good Burger.

    1 reply

    Yeah, there are so many variations to this. I think that's what makes it so good... it's so easy to change it up to your own specific tastes :)

    here in croatia we have bar where you get burger sauce like this one ,when i make it i dont put garlic becouse its in burger and i dont like that much mayonese

    1 reply

    Chuck---er--gently stir in ---some grated HORSERADISH--that will REALLY blow that ketchup (or catsup!!!) right out the windows!

    I've been mixing ketchup, mayo and mustard together as a hamburger sauce for most of my life. The ketchup has enough sugar in it for me so I don't add any. Garlic is a nice touch. With this instructible you've told the world of a better burger sauce. Nice Job!

    1 reply

    And things are so easily swapped out or added depending on what you've got in your cupboard! If you like a bit of a kick, a little chilli in it is lovely, too :)

    Interesting. I have my own recipe, it's not all that different. I vary it according to what's on hand, and what I'm craving at the time. You can even use powdered chocolate as one of the "spices."

    1 reply

    Yeah, I love how interchangeable it is! :)

    Will making this burger sauce actually blow ketchup out of my windows?

    1 reply

    It may do! Open your windows just to be sure...