I am an artist living in San Francisco. When I moved here almost two years ago, I was worried about so many things that come with the San Francisco city life - affording rent, parking tickets, laundry, June gloom, dodging actual shit, etc. Above all, I was concerned about my artistic practice. I moved into a 1 bedroom apartment with two other girls and could not afford more rent for a seperate space to make art. Thus! I designed and built (with the help of my loving and handy father) a lofted bed that gave me enough room to paint and sew underneath and adds zero damage to my rented apartment. This is a detailed plan for a standard full size bed and is safe (because of my father) and a great solution for tenants struggling for space with crazy expensive rent.

This project was so successful that my roommate was able to used the same plans, making a few adjustments and improvements, and we now in addition to an art studio, we have a living room! FYI you can tell the difference between the two lofts because she took the extra step to stain the wood to match the aesthetic of her room.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Some things to think about when buying materials...

1. Bring all pdf docs printed with you to the hardware store. It will help to get a visualization for what all this wood is for. (See next step)

2. Check lumber to make sure wood is not bowed or too heavy/wet.

3. Keep receipt! You may decide to make edits or changes and end up with extra wood, bolts, or washers. You can always return them. I think all together the materials cost around $200.

Some other things to think about...

1. This loft is heavy! You will probably need to build it, take it apart, and reassemble it in your desired location.

2. This loft is safe! Trust me. I have a 240lb ex-boyfriend. Loft still stands.

3. A lot of this project could use an extra pair of hands, maybe even two.

<p>Any idea if it can hold a 300 lb person? Or two people that = 300+?</p>
<p>Absolutely. I've had 4 adults up there at one point. Probably 500+</p>
<p>Nice design. I have been thinking about making something like this for my son's room to make better use of the square footage.</p>

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