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This instructable is an on-going guide for Mac users who are looking for the best of the best free applications that they can use exculsively on their sex machine (Mac Product).
Some good Mac App websites are:


Step 1: Adium

Picture of Adium
Adium is a free messaging application made specifically for Mac OSX. It's not only compatable with Microsoft Messenger accounts, but also AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, XMPP, Mobile Me, Bonjour, Myspace IM, Live Journal Talk, Facebook Chat, Lotus Sametime, Novell Groupwise, QQ, Gadu-gadu, and a few more that aren't listed on the Adium website. I'm sure you're probably not going to use all of those, or even know what half of them are. The great thing about Adium is that everything about it is customizable, from the contacts window, to the emoticon sets, to the message window styles, all downloadable for free on the official Adium webpage. Unfortunately, it does not have webcam capabilities.

To dowload Aduim, click here
-dami-1 year ago
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gnawlej5 years ago
I've used XBMC, Boxee and Plex on my Mac, and handsdown Plex (plexapp.com) is the best (in my opinion, naturally)! The one downside is that it is Intel only.
BeanGolem6 years ago
I find Quicksilver particularly useful on my laptop.
Agreed. Huge productivity booster.
i would have to agree...
iProton5 years ago
 I hate subscriptions, but love the iDisk concept, so I guess this is perfect for me!
Who would hit their Macbook's screen for an app??  I wouldn't hit something that I paid 1100 dollars for (extra RAM, which is almost essential).
007dna5 years ago
 Oops...I had the sensitivity down all the way.

Works great!
007dna5 years ago
 On the other hand, SmackSpaces didn't work for me great. It was very UN-sensitive.
007dna5 years ago
potato4136 years ago
the vuse website only has a PC download. where can I get on for the mac?
lucidn (author)  potato4136 years ago
You have to be on a mac, you can't download it from a PC then install it on a mac. It's automatic.
gmjhowe6 years ago
I suggest you look up and add the following to your ible, being a long time mac user, i have all the ones you listed, but these are also worth a mention Smultron - easy html editing Cyberduck - Great FTP client CCC (carbon copy cloner) - makes a full bootable back up of mac os x Azureus - torrent program DivX player - tends to run better in full screen than quicktime Also, iStat menus / pro, is a great monitoring system. Be sure to google them, there all great apps.
bubba77 gmjhowe6 years ago
azureus is the same as vuze now isn't it?
lucidn (author)  bubba776 years ago
It used ot be Azureus, it just changed its name.
bubba77 lucidn6 years ago
Dropbox, Dropbox, Dropbox, Yeah!!!
OMFG i loooove dropbox!! thnxs for introducing it to me!
jireland6 years ago
Open Office 3.0 is better, faster and has more modern filetypes and better compatibility with file created on other machines And 3.0 dows not need X11 anymore
lowtherz6 years ago
hey was just checking my similar instructable and saw this in the related bar, nice list, cheers for the nod in the N section and thanks for introducing me to Dropbox, my new best friend!
Maybe I'm a weirdo but my all time favorite OSX app is: Terminal. and all the unix goodies that come with it like ssh and dd.
yeah it rocks! (specially when you amaze everyone in the place by calling a tetris or snake out of it :P)
KentsOkay6 years ago
Not bad, do you know of any PS type image software?
pixia.im 75% sure they have a mac version
jqsjqs6 years ago
Great list!
modio6 years ago
NeoOffice is nice and all, but OpenOffice 3 can finally run naitively on OSX
firemanfu modio6 years ago
I use OpenOffice 3 for all the school work i do on my mac