Many versions of the falling code effect have been attempted. Many of them are fails, it is very hard to recreate the original, but the best one that can be redone in notepad, is this one. I have some pictures of some that are not as great as they could be, because they do not display random numbers, or even numbers at all. This script i great for the beginner in bat files, because it is very simple and very easy to understand. The code for this script is very simple and very easy to understand, it is actually surprisingly short also! You will notice this in the next step. (for experienced programmers it is very short!). Now, on to the code!

Step 1: THE CODE

Copy and paste this into a blank notepad document. (in between the hash tags)
@echo off
color 02
echo This Matrix Affect was created by Superman
echo This program will shut down your computer!
echo The Matrix Effect begins in
ping -n 2>nul
echo 5
ping -n 2>nul
echo 4
ping -n 2>nul
echo 3
ping -n 2>nul
echo 2
ping -n 2>nul
echo 1

echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto superman

As I said this is a very short code,
if you don't want to know how this code works, skip to the last step.


As in my messenger instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Chat-Room-With-Notepad/), I will go through what every part does, if you don't want to learn how, just skip this part. 
Next Step >>>>>----------------->

Step 3:

Here is how it works, pretty simple, could be made even simpler if you wanted to take out the count down.
Well, there it is.


Word of Caution, I was informed by an expert that this, left running, for to long, would have the ability to take down a computer. That was pretty obvious to me because the scroll bar goes all the way down to the bottom  instantly (Close it after watching it for a very short period). Anyway,USE AT YOUR DISCRETION, IT CAN DAMAGE A COMPUTER, DO NOT LEAVE IT RUNNING, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE.


This is how to save your notepad as a batch file. Refer to the pictures below.
After you have saved it,CONGRATULATIONS, you have successfully created a good version of the Matrix Falling Code effect.
I am afraid I have done better than all of you. Copy and paste it to notepad and save it as a (.bat) and open it from your documents. Enjoy! - Cake Kid<br><br>@echo off<br><br>mode 1000<br><br>title Matrix<br><br>color 0a<br><br>set load=<br><br>set/a loadnum=<br><br>:Loading<br><br>set load=%load%_<br><br>cls<br><br>echo Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393] (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo run backdoor<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Running Backdoor.exe<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>cls<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Backdoor [Version 9.3.03581]<br>pause<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>cls<br><br>echo Backdoor [Version 9.3.03581]<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo run Op3<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Running Op3.exe<br><br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>cls<br><br>echo Welcome to Shield Securities... Please Wait...<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Running HoundSecure ID Number...<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo HoundSecure member found!<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br><br>echo Enter password __________<br><br>echo %load%<br><br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br><br>echo Running RC7 exploit...<br><br>echo %load%<br><br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br><br>echo Access granted!<br><br>pause<br>cls<br><br>ping localhost -n 2 &gt;nul<br>set/a loadnum=%loadnum% +1<br>if %loadnum%==20 goto Done<br><br>:Done<br><br>cls<br><br>echo Running IP Recognition..<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Internet Protocol Address Recognized!<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Welcome, Mr. Reigns<br>pause<br>cls<br><br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Overriding system...<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Injecting SSL coding..<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Installing HXR v7.3...<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Opening HXR v7.3...<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>cls<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo This is the era of the Roman Empire...<br>echo %load%<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Adding Reclaim.exe...<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo From ashes to Empire..<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Extracting files..<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Opening Spear...<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Running Spear..<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo Enter the Empire..<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo 5<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo 4<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo 3<br>echo %load%<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo 2<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>echo 1<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>ping -n 2;nul<br>cls<br><br><br>:romanempire<br>echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%<br>goto romanempire
<p>@echo off</p><p>mode 1000</p><p>title MATRIX</p><p>color 0a</p><p>set load=</p><p>set/a loadnum=</p><p>:Loading</p><p>set load=%load%?</p><p>cls</p><p>echo.</p><p>echo Loading MATRIX... Please Wait...</p><p>echo ----------------------------------------</p><p>echo %load% </p><p>echo ----------------------------------------</p><p>ping localhost -n 2 &gt;nul</p><p>set/a loadnum=%loadnum% +1</p><p>if %loadnum%==20 goto Done</p><p>goto Loading</p><p>:Done</p><p>echo.</p><p>pause</p><p>rem *your action here*</p><p>echo This Matrix Affect was created by MR.CMD</p><p>echo The Matrix Effect begins in</p><p>@MODE CON: COLS=1000 LINES=500</p><p>COLOR 0a</p><p>SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION</p><p>FOR /F %%# IN ('COPY /Z &quot;%~dpf0&quot; NUL') DO SET &quot;CR=seconds in%%# The Matrix Effect begins in&quot;</p><p>FOR /L %%# IN (10,-1,1) DO (SET/P &quot; =%%# !CR!&quot;&lt;NUL:</p><p>PING -n 2 &gt;NUL:)</p><p>cls<br>:a<br>set /a a=%random%<br>if %a% geq 16384 set /a aa=1<br>if %a% lss 16384 set /a aa=0<br>set /a b=%random%<br>if %b% geq 16384 set /a bb=1<br>if %b% lss 16384 set /a bb=0<br>set /a c=%random%<br>if %c% geq 16384 set /a cc=1<br>if %c% lss 16384 set /a cc=0<br>set /a d=%random%<br>if %d% geq 16384 set /a dd=1<br>if %d% lss 16384 set /a dd=0<br>set /a e=%random%<br>if %e% geq 16384 set /a ee=1<br>if %e% lss 16384 set /a ee=0<br>set /a f=%random%<br>if %f% geq 16384 set /a ff=1<br>if %f% lss 16384 set /a ff=0<br>set /a g=%random%<br>if %g% geq 16384 set /a gg=1<br>if %g% lss 16384 set /a gg=0<br>set /a h=%random%<br>if %h% geq 16384 set /a hh=1<br>if %h% lss 16384 set /a hh=0<br>set /a i=%random%<br>if %i% geq 16384 set /a ii=1<br>if %i% lss 16384 set /a ii=0<br>set /a j=%random%<br>if %j% geq 16384 set /a jj=1<br>if %j% lss 16384 set /a jj=0<br>set /a k=%random%<br>if %k% geq 16384 set /a kk=1<br>if %k% lss 16384 set /a kk=0<br>set /a l=%random%<br>if %l% geq 16384 set /a ll=1<br>if %l% lss 16384 set /a ll=0<br>set /a m=%random%<br>if %m% geq 16384 set /a mm=1<br>if %m% lss 16384 set /a mm=0<br>set /a n=%random%<br>if %n% geq 16384 set /a nn=1<br>if %n% lss 16384 set /a nn=0<br>set /a o=%random%<br>if %o% geq 16384 set /a oo=1<br>if %o% lss 16384 set /a oo=0<br>set /a p=%random%<br>if %p% geq 16384 set /a pp=1<br>if %p% lss 16384 set /a pp=0<br>set /a q=%random%<br>if %q% geq 16384 set /a qq=1<br>if %q% lss 16384 set /a qq=0<br>set /a r=%random%<br>if %r% geq 16384 set /a rr=1<br>if %r% lss 16384 set /a rr=0<br>set /a s=%random%<br>if %s% geq 16384 set /a ss=1<br>if %s% lss 16384 set /a ss=0<br>set /a t=%random%<br>if %t% geq 16384 set /a tt=1<br>if %t% lss 16384 set /a tt=0<br>set /a u=%random%<br>if %u% geq 16384 set /a uu=1<br>if %u% lss 16384 set /a uu=0<br>set /a v=%random%<br>if %v% geq 16384 set /a vv=1<br>if %v% lss 16384 set /a vv=0<br>set /a w=%random%<br>if %w% geq 16384 set /a ww=1<br>if %w% lss 16384 set /a ww=0<br>set /a x=%random%<br>if %x% geq 16384 set /a xx=1<br>if %x% lss 16384 set /a xx=0<br>set /a y=%random%<br>if %y% geq 16384 set /a yy=1<br>if %y% lss 16384 set /a yy=0<br>set /a z=%random%<br>if %z% geq 16384 set /a zz=1<br>if %z% lss 16384 set /a zz=0<br>echo %aa% %bb% %cc% %dd% %ee% %ff% %gg% %hh% %ii% %jj% %kk% %ll% %mm% %nn% %oo% %pp% %qq% %rr% %ss% %tt% %uu% %vv% %ww% %xx% %yy% %zz%<br>goto a</p>
<p>my batch matrix is FULL SCREEN you can see it here</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Full-screen-batch-matrix/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Full-screen-batch-...</a></p><p>:)</p>
<p>Do you know how to make it in python? Because I already knew the Batch one.</p><p>And there is a way to make it display binary numbers...</p>
<p>why do it with numbers? Letters make it look way cooler. Plus, if you have a custom font, you can use randomised letters and matrix font to make it look awesome.</p><p>In Python you can import the random module and use random.randint() to create the numbers (or letters if you use chr). To use binary numbers, shove a bin() in front of the number to convert it, so:</p><p>import sys, os, random</p><p>#make it green</p><p>os.system(&quot;COLOR 0a&quot;)</p><p>while True:</p><p>#if you want it all in one line that goes onto the next line after it fills, which is alot easier than putting random.randints everywhere</p><p>sys.stdout.write(random.randint(bin(0,1000))) #or just use print()</p><p>this is a really simplified version, but it should work. Use it as you want, I have a much better version (with scrolling lines of matrix code letters :D ).</p>
<p>I added a shutdown command to the end of this.</p><p>Many a computer class confusion, many thanks xD</p>
Glad you liked it :)
<p>good job at the coding</p>
<p>to slow down the scrolling just a bit add</p><p>ping -n 2 &gt;nul</p><p>in between the second to last and last lines so it looks like this</p><p>echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%</p><p>ping -n;nul</p><p>goto superman</p>
<p>you can add it as many times as you want until it is slow enough for you</p>
Never mind it's fixed
good, it is pretty cool trick that you can play on your friends.
Mine says<br/><br/>"'2884379244389' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." And it just repeats that over and over again with a different number each time.<br/>What did I do wrong?
That's pretty incredible. Nice work :)
Unless your computer has about 100kb of ram, it won't take it down :P <br> <br>
I sure don't have that.
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