The Best Mulled Wine

Picture of The Best Mulled Wine
It being the festive season, I have decided to give you a little instruction into making the best Mulled Wine. I have always been complimented on my mulled wine and it's very simple.
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Step 1: Collect ingredients and apparatus

Picture of Collect ingredients and apparatus
You will need:
1 orange
1 lemon
2 bottles of cheap red wine
2 whole nutmegs
Half a teaspoon of Mace
Half a teaspoon of Allspice
A teaspoon of cinnamon
A teaspoon of ginger
10 whole cloves
Some port or sloe gin (I use sloe gin and about 100ml)

A big pan (note, my picture was taken after cooking mulled wine which is why it looks dirty, it's only wine I swear!)
A ladle
A sieve
Optional - Coffee filters
Optional - Small jug

Step 2: Cut and heat

Picture of Cut and heat
Slice the orange and lemon, I use slices about a cm thick (half an inch)

Put all the ingredients in your pan, turn on the heat.
Heat it until teeny bubbles start coming up, then turn off and leave it for a bit, anywhere between 15 mins - 2 hours
Heat it up again to the same teeny bubbles point. 

NB: Be careful not to let it boil or there will be no alcohol left in it.

Step 3: Sieve it

Picture of Sieve it
Use the ladle to pour the liquid into the sieve with or without a filter paper in it. If you're very careful you can get the liquid to go straight into the glass. I'm not so I filter it into a small jug.

Step 4: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
Pour into glasses, garnish with orange slices if desired and ENJOY!

Don't throw away the fruit slices in the bottom of the pan! They can be used to make Christmas decorations/air freshener!
Follow THIS to see how!