The Best Paper Airplane


Introduction: The Best Paper Airplane

Hello fellow makers today I will show you how to make "Nevermind" (p.s. This is not my plane it is from YouTube I hope to have the link for the video)

Step 1: Folding!

First fold the paper in half and fold down both corners. Follow the picture.

Step 2: Inverting!

To make the front of the plane you must follow the pictures.

Step 3: Making the Front!

To make the front of the plane follow the instructions!

Step 4: Making the Front Pt2!

Follow the images and crease very well.

Step 5: Making the Tail

For this you will need tearing skills or scissors!

Step 6: Finishing the Tale!

This is a very hard step.

Step 7: Back to the Body!

This step will show you the final steps.

Step 8: Done!

Thx for reading and I don't just want to win a contest all I want is an instructable shirt

Step 9: Optional

You can fold the ends of the wings!



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    The way I was taught (brother) he called it "Nevermind"

    Thank you for the 78 views!