Introduction: The Best Paper Airplane Ever

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Hello everyone. Today I will show you how to fold up a paper airplane. This isn't just any paper airplane. It's actually really the best paper airplane ever!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials Needed

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You will just need a sheet of A4 paper. That means it can be lined sheet of paper too. And a pencil just in case you want to do some markings.

Step 2: Let's Start With the First Step

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First step is to fold the paper like the hot dog style and crease on the paper very good.

Step 3: Second Step

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Unfold. Then you fold the side edges to the middle line but it is very important to pinch crease.

Step 4: We're Getting There

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Now fold the paper like this.

Step 5:

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Fold the paper top edge like this.

Step 6: Same Process

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Fold the top edge 8 times in total.

Step 7: Just About Done

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Now just fold the paper in half like this.

Step 8:

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Unfold. Then you make the wings of the plane.

Step 9:

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And you now make it a little more stationary like this.

Step 10: And You Are Done

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Now that you're finally done, isn't it time to go flying your plane. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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