Introduction: The Best Peanut Prank Ever!

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This laugh-out-loud-FUNNY prank can be customized from "naughty-nice" to "downright evil". >:-D

All you need is a friendly get-together, a little pre-planning and "Innocent-looking Peanuts" to pull this off.

Be sure to keep an ample supply of napkins handy... and your camera, too! Just try not to get carried away!!! 

First you'll need to construct your Innocent-looking Peanuts:

Sort through the bag and look for peanuts with a crack along the side of the hull. Pry them apart gently and eat the peanuts. (If they're being difficult to pry apart, use a knife.)

Fill the peanut about halfway with whatever you have that is sticky and edible. (That means NON-POISONOUS!)

Be sure to apply a small amount of the sticky stuff to the rim of the shell so it will hold together. (Marshmallow cream works great and so does peanut butter and/or jelly.)

You can also use Elmer's white glue. It's non-toxic and dries clear!

Stick the peanut shell halves together... get your camera ready... and serve to your unsuspecting victims! >;-D


blackweb (author)2014-03-09

You can buy ti y fake black spiders at the dollar store...I hate spiders so that would freak me out.

bajablue (author)blackweb2014-03-11

lol… I hate spiders, too!!!!!!!!!

twilightfox (author)bajablue2014-08-20

Me too!

hotstuff5721 (author)2014-03-08

Lol I gotta try this prank xD

danceworkshop_3 (author)2013-11-18

Y must u be so evil?

iceng (author)2011-09-15

Cool prank, voted and gave you 5.

Some pistachio shells are open enough to pull the nut out and replace it with a
jelly-bean ( Grand kids love it ).


jellybeensis (author)iceng2012-02-18

that is a good idea!!!

bajablue (author)iceng2011-09-15

Ah... the "Great Pistachio Nut" prank! Sounds like fun, FUN! ;-)

Thanks iceng!

Maxaxle (author)2012-01-16

Actually pretty cool.

coolo52 (author)2012-01-13

i dont get it

minininja24 (author)2011-12-31

um......... lame!

sixpaksuzi (author)2011-10-02

I would eat the shell more often, if it didn't give me splinters in my gums.

bajablue (author)sixpaksuzi2011-10-02

Maybe it's the brand of peanuts... or maybe you're just sensitive?

Bummer! ;-(

chicopluma (author)2011-09-30

hahaha awsome

bajablue (author)chicopluma2011-10-01


jaddis1 (author)2011-09-15

I always eat peanuts with the shells on -- it's great capital-F Fiber, salty and filling. It's how my dad always did it so it's how I always do it.

KayjayUK (author)jaddis12011-09-27

You are right in saying there's lots of fibre in the shell but the nut is fibre anyway.

bajablue (author)jaddis12011-09-15

I also eat shrimp shell-tails... how about you? ;-)

KayjayUK (author)2011-09-22

I got a little puzzled about this as I am amongst the people who shell their peanuts before eating them. I'm English but my wife is from Atlanta and after asking her about this she personally doesn't know anyone in the US that eats peanuts without taking them out of the shell.

 ....... but I think I may have a solution to this, Bajablue, you say your hubby sucks the salt off the peanuts before eating them, this gave me a clue to where the confusion lies, you see I've never seen a peanut in it's shell with a salted coating, it's usually dirt as they grow on the ground. So after mulling this info over I came to the conclusion that Bajablue meant the husk around the nut had the salt on it and not the outer shell. The husk is the fine skin usually a golden brownish shade and is sometimes left on the peanuts after they are shelled and then salted and put in a packet and sold as salted peanuts. I really can't see any other answer to this.

..... I hope this has maybe thrown a little light on the situation and my comments are constructive and helpful. This is my first posting, I hope it passes the 'be nice' policy :) :) If not I'm sorry, please don't ban me, I've just paid £26 on a pro membership tonight, I promise to 'be nicer' in future :) :) :)


Beauceron (author)KayjayUK2011-09-24

I can tell youve never been to Yankee stadium or a pro baseball game.

KayjayUK (author)Beauceron2011-09-25

@Beauceron - Nope, never been to either, I've never been to the US but my wife has attended both, she supports the Yankees as she oringinally lived in Syracuse but then changed her allegiance to the local Atlanta team when she moved down there ... sorry I can't remember what they're called and she's asleep ......

@Bajablue - I'm not sure if it's an American thing, Sue say's she's never seen them being eaten whole but to be honest I can't understand why the shell would be salted if it's going to be thrown away, salting them would only add to the costs of the product and the farmer/seller wouldn't want that unless it was necessary.

It's interesting that you can buy them roasted in the shell, I've never seen them like that. As you say, it doesn't matter about the hull/husk they're either on or off although I personally squeeze the nut in between finger and thumb to get the nut out as I don't like the hull but again that's a matter for preference. In England we have peanuts in the 'raw', that is in it's shell and unwashed, next there's the same but washed, then you can get them shelled and just the kernel in a bag and finally there's the roasted types oiled and salted or dry roasted, they're my favourite.

So it could possibly be that it's an American thing or inversely it could be that it's not an English thing to eat the shells :-)

Blimey I'm confusing myself now let alone anyone else :-) I think I'll let this one go .......

Have a good day everyone !


Beauceron (author)KayjayUK2011-09-26

No true Yankee fan changes allegiance. Not to the Braves or any other team.

KayjayUK (author)Beauceron2011-09-27

Sorry, I didn't mean she had changed to the Braves and left the Yankees out in the cold, she loves watching llive baseball so as New York was too far to travel for a game she started following the Braves as the team to visit b ut still holds the Yankees as her No.1 team.

Now she's over here in England she watches football instead and follows my team, Manchester United, that's the team that David Beckham first played for when he was 15, he also met Posh at a dinner being held at the club stadium, he was too shy to talk to her so he got Gary Neville, his team mate and best pal, to introduce him.

As England is small enough we can travel all over to watch our teams play so we have no need of following a second team ... I couldn't even think of supporting anyone United, I've followed them for nigh on 50 years, in that time they've become the richest football club in the world mainly since Fergie started his all conquering reign in the early 90's, they have been European champions 3 times, world club champions about 4 times I think and domestic champions 19 times, more than any other club ... some going eh !

Cheers Keith

bajablue (author)KayjayUK2011-09-26

Here's an Ible... created (almost) just for you, KayjayUK! ;-D

bajablue (author)KayjayUK2011-09-25

To Eat... or NOT Eat The Salted Peanut Shells...

THAT is (not really) the Question! ;-D

bajablue (author)KayjayUK2011-09-22

lol, Keith... now you've almost got ME confused! ;-D

Peanuts can be purchased a lot of different ways in the States.

I buy peanuts roasted IN the shell. The shell is clean... not dirty. The shell is salted and must be broken open to get to the peanuts... which is what most people eat. (I don't pay any attention to what you refer to as the hull. I would describe it as "skin" but that's neither here nor there.;-)

If you read other replies, this prank will make more sense... or maybe it's an American thing? 8-)

At any rate... WELCOME to Instructables!!!!

thesnodgrass (author)2011-09-15

I have never known anyone eat the peanut with the shell on, ever. Im 44 years old and a UK resident.
Do others eat the shell?

Even so, they'll be surprised to crack it open and see the white stuff.

bajablue (author)willrandship2011-09-24

You'd think so! ;-)

chazlarson (author)thesnodgrass2011-09-15

49, Minnesota. I sometimes eat the shell..

bajablue (author)chazlarson2011-09-15

I also chomp Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds whole.

six ft midgets (author)bajablue2011-09-16

i just eat sunflowers and pumpkins whole.

bajablue (author)six ft midgets2011-09-23

You might want to try peanuts "whole", too.

I like the singles (with just one peanut) best. Otherwise, it's too big a mouthful to chew up.

Gotta love that salty, crunchy FIBER. ;-D

Thanks for your comment!

Dr.Bill (author)thesnodgrass2011-09-16

Sometimes I eat the shell if they are clean enough......

bajablue (author)thesnodgrass2011-09-15

My hubby sucks the salt off the shell first, then bites it to crack it open.

I'm not sure, but I think a lot of people eat peanuts this way???

How do you eat peanuts?

Beauceron (author)2011-09-24

I break the shells open with my teeth. This would freak me out!

bajablue (author)Beauceron2011-09-24


lhouse (author)2011-09-16

A dremel precision drill bit is around 1/32 of an inch, you can easily load just about anything sauce wise through that and not have anyone notice.

Even better is VERY small noodles, or dough pressed into and boiled. Will look like weevils have invaded the nuts and may even roll around as they open.

bajablue (author)lhouse2011-09-16

LOL.... You have a very GROSS/FUNNY way of thinking!!! ;-O)

lbrewer42 (author)2011-09-15

As fun as the mustard-filled donuts I once gave my class on April 1st years ago! Some of the kids actually finished them. The fun part was convincing Dunkin Donuts I really DID want a dozen non-filled donuts so I could add my own filling.

bajablue (author)lbrewer422011-09-15

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

ClareBS (author)2011-09-15

Many years ago when in high school, my friend was eating a bag of potato chips and I was eating a tangerine. One of the slices was very thin and small so I slipped it into her bag of chips when she wasn't looking. Boy was she shocked! Sort of an instant peanut trick. Funnily enough, I never forgot it but she did.

bajablue (author)ClareBS2011-09-15

Anything that makes us lol is worth remembering. ;-D

cchubb (author)2011-09-15

Step 1: Save peanuts.
Step 2: Soak in the hottest hot sauce you can find
Step 3: Carefully glue back inside the peanut shells.
Step 4: Hide. Because someone is going to be out to get you for sure...

bajablue (author)cchubb2011-09-15

lol... Rule # 1 of ANY Prank is to ALWAYS remember your Step 4!!!!!!

Excellent variation, cchub!!!!!! ;-D

tkelly6 (author)2011-09-15

hahahahahahah. this is so cool! very funny.

bajablue (author)tkelly62011-09-15

Glad it made you laugh! ;-D

cmskellington (author)2011-09-15

Found a Bee-nut, found a Bee-nut...

bajablue (author)cmskellington2011-09-15

LOL... it took me a few seconds, but I got it! ;-D

kumiko (author)2011-09-15

I don't know anyone who eats peanuts with the shell on either. Is that a real flying insect?

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