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Perfect for these winter days, it's the best smartphone hack and basically anyone can do it.

Don't you hate that you can't use your smartphone while wearing gloves? Now, some of you may think - ya they invented special gloves exactly for that - Yes, they did. This HACK will solve this problem without any furthur costs for less than a CENT! AND! you get to keep your BEST GLOVES! No need to buy some "just okay" gloves with the smartphone upgrade when you can upgrade your own!

Step 1: HACKING Your Winter Gloves!

Put your gloves on. Take a small triangular piece of tin foil, and fold it on the tip of your finger. Make sure it's made of 1 layer and fits as tight as possible.YOU"RE DONE! I know it's hard to believe but t

Now go ahead and use your smartphone!

*I does seem to work better with my thin gloves, but I also made it work very well with my thick lowe-alpine gloves. Either way it's better than using your bare hands when it's super cold!


Hope you vote for me!

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Dram229 (author)2016-01-29

Won't the foil scratch the screen?

TimothyJ999 (author)Dram2292016-01-29

It won't scratch a glass screen or screen protector--aluminum is softer than the scratch-resistant glass used for phones. It will, however scratch a plastic screen protector.

NirL (author)TimothyJ9992016-01-30


Hope you guys tried it already! this is an idea i wish more people knew!

DavidC122 (author)2016-01-27

unbelievably genius

NirL (author)DavidC1222016-01-28

and it really does work!

Rhonda d (author)2016-01-27

Really cool idea

NirL (author)2016-01-27

this really does work:)

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