Introduction: The Best Toilet Prank Ever!

This is my favorite toilet prank so far.  When your victim flushes the toilet, the water goes down, but the water stays yellow.   This prank will make it seem that the toilet is broken, or the pipes might be clogged.  Another reason Why I like this prank is because you can do it in less than thirty seconds. 

Step 1: Ingredients

Food coloring (I like yellow, but I guess you could do another color)
Syringe (Optional)

Step 2: Fill Your Syringe

This is pretty self explanitory.  If you are going to use a syringe, fill it with a few drops of food coloring.

Step 3: Fill the Tank

Now get your few drops of food coloring in the TANK of your toilet.  After a minute it will mix into an even yellow.  If you want it to mix faster I guess you could use a spoon.

Step 4:

Let it set for a minute before you victim comes, and when he does,  he might not notice it at first, but after a while he will.


ThePrankster78 made it!(author)2016-02-26

here is another prank:

you need a sugar bowl of some kind and salt.

just put the salt in the sugar bowl so the next time your victims want sugar they will taste salt instead. :D LOL

RustyPotatoG made it!(author)2015-03-31

Try fake blood or red food coloring- got a kick! My pregnant mom thought she had her period!!! xD

UnicornLover26 made it!(author)2015-03-31

UnicornLover26 made it!(author)2015-03-31

dianarodes4ever made it!(author)2014-10-23

Oh my word so wanna try

yvonne.reid3 made it!(author)2014-08-07

You should lift the lid and put cling film on the top and secure it, then put the lid back down and when the next person goes to pee it goes all over the floor lol.

hoangbesttoilet made it!(author)2014-06-24

This is simply an awesome article. I would love to include it in my toilet review blog of course by asking for permission. :)

knota made it!(author)2014-06-24


saddleclub made it!(author)2014-06-16

I've done this at a summer camp and it works the camp I went to was coed so I said I had to go to my cabin but I me and my friend climbed into the boys bathroom window put red die in the toilet and climbed out of the window falling into the lake I said I slipped on a rock that night at dinner in the mess hall all the boys where freaking out it was so hard not to lol

Mauigerbil made it!(author)2012-09-06

I'm going to try an intense amount of red dye so it looks like it's bleeding. Great prank for a brother whose jimmies are rustled at the thought of slenderman.

Step 1: Force a certain older brother to play slender
Step 2: Excuse yourself to the bathroom and do this with red coloring.
Step 3: Make sure that it turns red the next time he uses it.
Step 4: Set up a conveniently tall and skinny friend to hide in his closet when he goes to bed and scare him when he turns the lights off

And that's how to make a 15 year old wet himself!

sickdevotee63 made it!(author)2014-04-01


TheKnexDude made it!(author)2014-03-31

Seems like you have a scaredy-cat on your hands.

Great people to prank.

CCube55 made it!(author)2014-03-23

Best prank!!

paracordry made it!(author)2014-03-05

How do u clen up

PSPerson made it!(author)2012-04-01

Why not just go for an upper-decker? xD

234nightfox made it!(author)2011-10-02

Try it with a tea bag, Funniest Thing EVER!

cornonthecobert made it!(author)2011-09-04

How long does it stay?

knota made it!(author)2011-09-07

About a few flushes, it stays for a while.

cornonthecobert made it!(author)2011-09-04

Blue...because i want blue water!

mmoore10 made it!(author)2011-09-04

Oh! Green for St. Patrick's day!

tqwerty made it!(author)2011-09-02


I can imagine someone standing there for an hour, especially as a guest at your house.

Now try brown!

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