Introduction: The Best Trick to Teach Your Dog While Walking

Step 1: Dogs

Hi. I am dani ,you can say a dog expert. Dogs i like robots. Train ( programe ) it well and he will obay all your commands ,neglect him and your realation with him will not be good,he will not hear you, run away ,or bark all nights and you will be then obligated to abondon him and find some one to adopt him.

Step 2: Walking

Dogs bark at night because they do not emty their energy so you have tow choises ,play with him all day or take him for a walk.

Step 3: Walk With You Side by Side

There is tow type of dog walking. You walk the dog or the dog walk you. Train the dog to walk next to you not pull you or walk in front of you. It is so simpple and all you need is treats. When the dog walk next to you reward him . I think you can make whoever you want to do whatever you want with the right bate. ;)

Step 4: Groupes

Walking with groupes make it a lot harder because the dog attention is not focused on you . So in groups you need a lot more work and a powerful realation with your dogs like in this pictures.

Step 5: Voices and Noises

While walking the dog tricks like sit ,down will not work because the dog will not hear you so i figure out a way it is the leash pulling .like you train your dog to sit on voice command train it to sit when you pull his leach. If you do not khow how to teach your dog to sit ,read my instructebele.

Step 6: Share

Dog barking is the #1 reason that owners lett go their dogs.So please share it .helpful review please and subscribe for more.


CorgiCritter (author)2015-03-23

Cute dogs! I really like the one in the thumbnail image.



crank_girl (author)2015-03-11

If you leash pull you create constriction around their necks, initiating a panicked response and this will encourage them to pull even more. You really need to keep the lead slack at all times.

You've hit the nail on the head with treats though. Our dog was incredibly anxious when he goes outside and would pull a lot. We got in a dog psychologist who advised us to distract him with treats. Apparently dogs are not good multi-taskers so they cannot be anxious and eat at the same time. So if you get your dogs attention and drop treats every few steps your dog will walk to heel in anticipation of treats. As time goes on your dog will become conditioned into walking to heel and you can slowly decrease the frequency with which you drop treats.

This method has transformed our dog from an anxious puller that was terrified of other dogs into a dog that is calm and obedient. Dogs are really no different than kids in terms of behaviour modification. You reward the behaviour you want to see and ignore that which you do not. If there is something you don't want your dog to do, don't tell her not to do it. Instead give her another task/command. For instance, I don't like my dog to bark when their is someone at the front door. So instead of telling him to be quiet I get him to sit. Works a like a charm. :)

CaiM1 (author)2015-03-10

My dog only barks when she wants attention or tries to contribute to the family, like there is stranger by the door, or try to stop qurarrels between family members.

But there is a problem that my dog usually steal food from the candy shelf.

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