The Best Way to Freeze Corn




Introduction: The Best Way to Freeze Corn

One of the yummiest parts of summer for me is enjoying sweet corn on the cob fresh from the garden! Are you with me?? Here are the steps to preserving that sweet freshness to enjoy year-round!

Materials List:

Corn on the cob (pick your favorite variety - featured here is "Honey Sweet")

Large pot for boiling corn

Bundt cake pan

electric knife (not essential but very handy)


Large bowl (bowl used here was a Tupperware "That's a Bowl")

Step 1: Shuck and Wash Your Corn

Remove the outer corn husk and silks and wash your corn to prepare it.

Step 2: Boil

Place ears of corn in boiling water for 8 minutes.

Step 3: Ice

Place boiled corn directly in large bowl of ice water.

This step helps preserve the sweetness and flavor of the corn.

Step 4: Cut Off the Cob

Place the end of the corn cob in the hole of a bundt cake pan. This will hold the corn in place and give a place for the cut off corn to be collected.

Using an electric knife, cut the corn off the cob.

Step 5: Freeze

Place the cut off corn in freezer safe bags, squeeze out the air at the top of the bag, and seal closed.

Label the bag with the type of corn and the date.



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