The Best Way to Start BBQ Coals


Step 3: Grab a Hair Dryer, Aim, and Blow

Picture of Grab a Hair Dryer, Aim, and Blow
Now, most of the time at this point the fire from the newspaper starts to die down before all of the coals have started burning. That's where the hairdryer comes in.

Find a hair dryer and take it out to your BBQ. Make note of what direction the wind is blowing and head upwind of the BBQ. Point the dryer at the coals and turn it on. Watch out for all the sparks that will start to shoot out of your hot coals.

Within just a few seconds the coals that are lit at the bottom will start to come alive and light all of the rest of the coals in the chimney.

This method has worked for me every time and you should be able to revive just about any struggling BBQ fire with this method (assuming something is still burning). I learned how to do this from a man named Mario who owns a sheep farm in Italy. Thanks Mario!
phyzome7 years ago
Just so you know, the purple glow is infrared light that your camera can pick up but your eyes can't. (Try pointing a TV remote at your camera and pressing buttons -- you'll see the same purple-ish light there as well.)

Actually that's a good way to check if your remote's batteries are working.

theadamlevy7 years ago
bitchin picture
auntyzoom7 years ago
Overall, a neat idea...but I live in CA & I've got a slight problem with all those flyin' sparks - which could be a serious hazard, no? :D Also, as to the chimney, for many years I've used old/recycled coffee cans with both ends cut out of them & some holes poked into the sides for air circulation... they work great, & there's no need to turn them upside down; just use BBQ tongs for lifting 'em up to dump the coals.