The Best Wood Splitter Ever





Introduction: The Best Wood Splitter Ever

you will thank me for this one!

Step 1: Materials

1st. You're going to need...1. Chainsaw
2. A tree
3. Some 2x4
6.bolt washers

Step 2: Assembly

Alright, it's simple as it sounds. Take the 2x4 and cut four pieces out. Doesn't matter how long they are, just make sure they are able to be nailed around the sides of the tree you have cut. (You're tree should be a little higher then knee length when you cut it). After you have nailed a box around your tree, you next take the tire, and put the tire on top of the tree where you 2x4 box is that you nailed into the tree multiple times (nail the hell out of it, you are using it for splitting wood so it doesn't have to look pretty). After your tire is lined up with the box, pre drill holes through the tire and then take your bolts and washers and put the washer down, then put the holy through the washer and you pre-drilled hole in the tire and start to drill into the wood. After you have completed this task a couple of times around the tire (you should put about 4 bolts and washers into the tire that goes into the wood, but hey, the more the merrier!) and 'Walah! You have your first wood splitter helper. Take a whack as many times as you want

Step 3: Safety

The tire will absorb all of the blows of your axe that you are using so if you miss and hit the tire, don't worry, it won't do anything harmful to you or your log splitter! Plus, all the wood stays inside the tire and you don't need to constantly bend down and keep picking up your split wood! Happy splitting!

Step 4: Video of It in Action!

here ya go for those who want to see it

Step 5:



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    Well, first off it helps so you don't need to constantly keep on picking up the wood. Second, for new bees, this is a huge helper and plus it's great for making kindling!

    1 reply

    This loo awesome. The main thought for me is saving time and my back. Will definitely try it.

    This is awesome!

    man, you have no idea how awesome this is. I have been splitting logs for 10+ years and have never thought of something like this. I used to just do it the ol fashion way and split them right in half on a piece of log and theyd go flying. I built this thanks to your help and now i literally can split 2x the logs way faster then i did before. Thanks man, peace.

    Built one today it's really effective, good job

    Just built one far the best thing I have ever made for splitting wood!

    1 reply

    Thanks! If you have any questions just email me:

    Growing up we had a hydraulic log splitter made from an old hydraulic ram off a dump truck. It was a beast!

    mmm if you cant hit the top of a piece of wood with an axe you probably should not be using it in the first instance! I really dont see the point of this other than to create a hazard and increase the risk.

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    First, it safe and cost affective. Also it helps your back for those who don't have the best backs. Because if you just have a normal log on top of a piece of wood and you hit it. It's going to fly all different directions. With my invention, not only are you able to hit multiple logs at a time; the logs stay inside the tire and don't fly anywhere. It's very fast, very safe, and very easy to make.

    Plus, if you were to read the whole thing it would explain why this is great for splitting wood