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Hand carved leather mural. Painted with acrylic paint and water based leather dye. This original mural took 50 hours to complete. It measures 800x800 mm.



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    Wow, this painting looks fantastic!

    Can you share a little of the process you use for painting leather? It would be great to see and learn the details that go into creating a piece like this. It looks really cool!

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    Hi Seamster, After I carved the picture I apply a water based sealer. When dry I then apply the acrylic paint. When that is dry I once again apply the sealer. Before I carve the leather I completely soak the leather in water.This makes it plyable and easy to carve.

    Very cool! The results look great.

    Next time you're working on a piece like this, you ought to snap a few photos along the way. I think people would love to see a step-by-step showcase of your process.

    I'm glad you've shared here with the instructables community; I hope we see more from you soon. Cheers! :)