The Big Popper





Introduction: The Big Popper

This is a Giant popper made out of 150 other little poppers. Huge noise maker (even with just one small popper). Really cheap and easy to make. Throw into parties, class rooms, or any average crowd.

Step 1: Get 3 Boxes

Ok first get 3 boxes of poppers. i got the Wolf Pack ones but you can get other brands as long as they are still snappers. mine have 50 in each pack. Now Pour out the contents onto a table, newspaper, or anything that you won't risk getting sprinkled with tiny little pieces of wood. i suggest you open then on the street or anywhere outside (not grass). Then you must empty the contents and pick out the individual poppers. go throw away or get rid of the stuffing. do this with 3 boxes and put all the poppers onto the middle of an average tissue paper.

Step 2: Wrap It Up

Now take the four corners of the tissue and hold them together. then lift the tissue paper with the poppers in it. then twist the corners tightly. but not too tightly. if you do it too tightly you might start a chain reaction withing the Big Popper and kill em all (OMG!!!). just twist it and then fold the twisted part in half. then wrap tape around the twisted part. this should now look somewhat like the small poppers with a short tip.

Step 3: KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what it looks like after the bang. some of the popper skins blew away, but the big popper skin is still there. there is also a video on the explosion in action.

Step 4: Voila!!!

Ok now your Big Popper is completed. Go around town and throw them into houses, parties, toilet stalls, ETC. Good Luck and piss people off!



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Half of the popper never work...

One time I bought these poppers, they explode when you throw them on the ground. They are called Pop-Pops, they look like miniature firecrackers, but withoout the fuse. They are 3x as loud than those, and like 10x as reliable.

isn't there some formula that you can make the snappers instead of having to buy them?

These are so cool, Ive been making em for years with a slightly different method, fun to bombard pigeons w/

you should try it in the dark!!!

hey great idea i tryed it like 2 yrs ago but i did it wrong u can also where u twist it at the top u can try to duct tape it. i'll try it i also like ur popsicle stick bomb also ~laxrulz

well honestly you dont need duck tape...

i think you'll find its called DUCT tape

ohhh mr grammatically/misspellingly correcting random people ehhh? mr critic. no1 likes a PISS OFF!!!!