Picture of The 'Bikers Cheese'
This is a popular recipe among French motorbikers.

It's simple, cheap, fast, and it's so delicious you'd sell your mother for it.

I can't tell you the dozens of friends I've made while preparing this on hiking journeys.
Fire attracts people.
Cheese in the fire attracts everybody - and even more when they're hungry!

All you need: some bread, a real 'Camembert', a woodfire & some alu foil. The bike is optional.
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Step 1: Choose da cheese

Picture of Choose da cheese
This I'ble works only with a real good stinky Camenbert - a French cheese made from cow milk.

The best - read 'with most taste' - Camenberts are made from non-pasteurized milk. No industrial tasteless stuff, just good old stinky pieces of art.

All 'real' Camenberts have one thing in common: they are sold in wooden boxes.

One mission: find one!

Well, okay, it will probably work with any kind of soft cheese - no worries - but if you like stuff really tasty & down to earth like me this camembert beats 'em all!!!

Step 2: Prepare the cheese

Picture of Prepare the cheese
Once you got it, uncover, envelop the cheese in some alu & put it again in its wooden box.

Step 3: Put it gently in the fire

Picture of Put it gently in the fire
No more than that: make a small bed of coal & put the cheese on it.

Have a beer, or two, ort three while the magic begins.


Once the top of the package starts to expand: get it out of the fire before it explodes - time to unleash the beast.

Uncover it again, take some bread & tramp it in the volcano of molten cheese.

Never it felt so good to burn that mouth. Enjoy!!!

Sounds like a great idea! For those of us with different or less expensive/hard to find tastes, would sharp cheddar work as well?

bricobart (author)  EndureReclaimRebuild3 months ago

In fact, this works with EVERY cheese. But Camenbert... there's really no one as good as this!

mdamaso1 year ago

I'm definitely going to have to try this when I go camping in 2 weeks!

bricobart (author)  mdamaso1 year ago

I bet you won't regret it my friend, thanx!

This sounds great for my next camping trip... It will be cold seeing as it will be in January. And it sounds and looks delicious.
Jobar0071 year ago
What's the usual time frame for having it on a bed of coals?
bricobart (author)  Jobar0071 year ago
Let's say 10 minutes, you'll see it when the bomb is getting under pressure!
Oh wow. Yep, that looks amazing.
bricobart (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Just what you need after a good hiking day - maybe we should call it 'hikers cheese' ;)