Follow and learn how a 10 year old girl builds her first serious science project, "The Bio-Battery."

See how this young lady, my daughter, astounds her 5th grade class with her project constructed from simple parts from a local electronics store, some instruction from her father, and some house hold edibles and powers a light with it all. Warning! You may become enlightened.

Submitted to the "Science Fair Contest" which is sponsored by AMAZON.COM You will see some AMAZON.COM promotions that I put in. This is part of the requirement for the contest and a thank you to Amazon for supporting it. Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

Step 1: Consumable Materials

The follow materials were used to complete this project.

(1) Plastic Project box Purchase on Amazon.com
(1) Momentary Push Switch Purchase on Amazon.com
4 Copper Pennies
4 Lemons (or other citrus)
4 Potatoes
(4) Galvanized( Zinc) Cotter pinsPurchase on Amazon.com
A length of 18 Gauge telephone wire Purchase on Amazon.com
(1) 3 volt 5mm Blue L.E.D. light (Light Emitting Diode) Purchase on Amazon.com
(1) 5mm L.E.D. light mount/holder Purchase it here (Sorry Amazon)
(2) 2 Inch x 4 inch PVC pipe coupling or PVC pipe -----(Purchase at local hardware store)
(1) Acid brush Purchase on Amazon.com
(1) Project board (plywood or even cardboard)
Small amount of Bernzomatic Rosin Core Solder Purchase on Amazon.com
Small amount of "Elmer's Blue Bull Polly Glue" Purchase on Amazon.com

See all of the pictures below.

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