Step 4: Letter From the Quilter

The letter from the quilter should serve as a historical record of the quilt.  The letter might include:
1. What is the relationship to the receiver?
2.  Why the quilt was made for this person.
3.  Why was this particular pattern chosen?
4.  Were the fabric choices and color  relevant?
5.  Date the quilt was in the planning process.
6.  When was the quilt in the making process?
7.  How long did it take you to make the quilt?
8.  When was the quilt given to the receiver? 
9.  Some information about the quilter, date and place of birth, a couple of addresses of some relatives and yourself if someone wanted to reach you regarding the quilt. 


I just received some quilts and quilt pieces and have been thinking of what to do with them. I thought of making a shirt with one unfinished top, but that would be short lived so now I have a much better direction to go into. I have so much to work I cant wait to get started now. I have been looking at them thinking UGGG, what to do what to do!!! Thanks for this instructable, I want to do them justice! I am grateful, because now I believe I will! I will send you a photo of some finished products you inspired, one is damaged so I know exactly what I am doing with it.
Thanks so much for this comment! I encourage you to follow through because a quilt is a treasure! Really if you have some repairs to do keep it in a small bag or tote with everything you need to work on it. You are sitting waiting somewhere for 1/2 hour or waiting to pick up the kids at school or for what ever reason. A little time here and there adds up and before you know it you are finished. I do this with my projects and in no time they are finished! It makes waiting a little more enjoyable. <br> <br>So happy you commented because I really wanted to inspire people. I would love to see pictures and ideas you received from this ible! It is fun to see other peoples creations! If you have some real old pieces to work with, I had wanted to do an instructable showing how you can make them detachable so each family member could be the proud owner of one complete quilt. <br> <br>They would attached by buttons! I did not have time to add that to this ible though. You could also do this with the damaged piece.
I have some other things my aunt gave me from the 1940s and they are tatted handkerchiefs, I don't want to just put them into a plain old frame though, so I have been thinking on them too, not successfully yet. Any ideas for them, could use some? I thought about using starch and making something like a light because starch washes out and they could be put back to original condition, what do you think? Kind of like the string on balloon thing? My home is decorated in 1950's teak furniture so they would go I know the light style is 70's but hey cant think of anything else so far. I have 4 but one has stains. But the handkerchiefs are so amazing I would love to do something cool without hurting them. I love the button idea for a big family, you do need to add that somethime. ! was thinking of taking one of the damaged quilts, very damaged, and cutting off the strip that is bad and repairing the rest with the original fabric and make it a throw. One piece of the damage I am going to cut out and include into a painting because it was so torn up I had to cut all of the fabric around the picture but the picture is OK and it could make a great multimedia painting. <br>Anyway I loved that you got me thinking about them again and love to hear about other people respecting these and other family art, it kills me going to thrift stores and seeing them thrown away like trash and I wonder if that is what will happen to my art? People always say stuff about regretting throwing things like that away yet they keep doing it. I hope this ible serves as a reminder they cant get them back once they are gone.
Thanks for the ideas...i wish i had more quilts from my mom
Fantastic idea! This is so much better than saying &quot;Your grandmother made this.&quot;!
Oh Sylvia! This is the best instructables ever! And the best part is it all about my quilt. Happy, happy!
I am glad you enjoyed it! It has been great fun!

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