Picture of The Bischoff 720 A.T.S (Accurate Targeting System)
Check my Scorpion 360 C.D.M too!

Here it is: The Bischoff 720 A.T.S

This is my biggest and most sweet knex gun, and the shooting system is inspired on Killerk's firing system
It has a range of at least 175 ft and the accuracy is up to 110 ft!
I think it's my personal best because of the range.
Very fun when sniping on targets.


-Kick ass design
-Can pierce a bucket from a distance of 3.5 m
-True trigger
-Two handles
-Very accurate
-Very powerful


-The bipod isn't foldable

For short:
It's a very recommandable sniper rifle.

Step 1: Collecting Materials

Picture of Collecting Materials
12 greys
8 reds + 1 red (bullet)
7 yellows
29 blues
114 whites
108 greens

110 yellows
44 greens
18 light greys
28 oranges
22 greys
32 reds
6 whites
2 dark blue

1 tan clip
2 metallic blue clips
3 y-shaped connectors
8 blue spacers
2 gray spacers

Also needed:
2 rubberbands
1 snapped rubberband
1 small rubberband
normal tape
duck tape

This is what you'll need to make the gun.
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MegaMetal85 years ago
cool 6 layer barrel
coreyt6 years ago
hey viccie is this a counter tension trigger im pretty sure but just wondering
kray953 coreyt6 years ago
yes it is and you need a lot of bands on the trigger
Thats bull i only used 2 and it is fine
I tried to build this but i didn't have enough pieces so i built a pistol version that resembles a desert eagle O.o
coreyt6 years ago
edit i built it and i relise how stupid of a question that was any way i cant get it to work right there was no way i can get a 64 to stretch that far so im using two but it keeps misfiring any ideas??
coreyt coreyt6 years ago
sorry for all these posts its working awesome now im using killerks srv2 round with duct tape fins and 1 64 on each side (i modified the front) and it is producing great ranges it hits the 150 foot mark with only a slight angle but i havent shot it angled yet cos im scared of losing the ammo lol anyway great sniper and thanks
I know its a late reply, but could you show pics of the mod
ol9879865 years ago
yo victor,can i use your siprani mech on a pistol im making, pretty plz?
it has a range of 70 foot and ill give u credit in the intro
jedi_knight5 years ago
After Building your siprani rifles and liking the simplicity of them i decided to build this one and i only have one thing to say about this gun...
IT'S AWESOME!  first off i love the presure trigger i have never seen one of those incorperated into a knex gun before. The only thing that scares me is the firing mechanism, lets just say i have had tons of self inflicted injuries due to the miss fire of the sr- v1 LOL! but this one seems pretty stable with pressure trigger and all. Lastly how do you make those fins on the bullet? i have tried before to make them and they always make my bullet curve in the wrong dirrection.
Pizzapie5006 years ago
I MADE IT!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Only problem is that the trigger on mine doesnt work...
I decided to 5* because this is my 1st knex gun i made
smattman225 years ago
btw it's wouldn't the ' replaces the o :) by the you're my second fav builder. i am canadian is my #1
Skreetsha (author)  smattman225 years ago
With very good reason, i got inspired by him and The Jamalam to start posting stuff, you should thank him for that. Lol, don't.. it wil make me look stupid ;)
k :)
glugnar6 years ago
danget to much peices
bighead54546 years ago
pic 1 is down the barrel and ammo rail 2 is the stock ammo holder 3 is th hanle 4 is the barrel 5 is ammo and 6 is the aiming sysstem thing this is my shotgun thing i only call it a shotgun cause it looks like one sears mods to the MSR if you want to see the slideshow
Ecr726 years ago
what elastic bands did u use, i can't get mine 2 stretch far enough
Ecr726 years ago
gasp! finally! a knex gun with a parts list! HALLELUJAH!
DB96 years ago
i made a gun just like this i might post it looks almost the same but with a thinner barrel and the trigger from the sipriani rilfe i call it the 'noiuguolo' which is latin for fly killer because i just killed a fly with the bands alone
beameron6 years ago
LOL u stole the trigger from the VSS
coreyt beameron6 years ago
and to add to that in the instructable for the vss he says he gives credit to vic for the trigger
ye thats right, its the same idea with the rubberband. excactly the same trigger idea like the VSS Vintorez.
Skreetsha (author)  erikos kostarikos6 years ago
Yeah, but he took it from me, with permission though. ;)
Skreetsha (author)  beameron6 years ago
Only thing you got wrong is that i made this rifle way earlier, so he asked permission from me to use it. Investigate before you comment on stealing stuff.
beameron6 years ago
It`s an combination of the Blazer and VSS as you can see. At least i THINK it is hehe.
this gun was posted before blazer and vss.
Skreetsha (author)  beameron6 years ago
Only, I posted this way earlier.
ytreza6 years ago
you have right its like a combination
Skreetsha (author)  ytreza6 years ago
Sigh... Now everyone thinks it's two guns from someone esle, great! >:/
tthomasvd6 years ago
by me here are no error and on this gun have the trigger of an other gun you stole it from him or he stole it from you :P
Skreetsha (author)  tthomasvd6 years ago
I don't steal parts, he copied me or we just had the same idea. ;)
tthomasvd6 years ago
the bullet wont come out of the y-clip when i press it down. any help?
you need stronger rubber bands
robin10-306 years ago
i don't understand pic 2 of the bullet holder very much
what wud you guys reccomend the most this or the white tiger
5*'s and faved
Wafflicious6 years ago
what's your favorite gun of yours on the sight?
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