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Introduction: The Biscuit Box

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I like to make music with portable devices, and I needed a way to mix all of their signals and amplify them. Sometimes I want a speaker, sometimes I want headphones. I don't need a lot of channels or a very complex system. Nobody makes this device. Anything similar is much more complicated and VERY expensive for my budget. SO eventually I decided I could built such a thing. Thus was born:

The Biscuit Box: A three channel amp/mixer for portable devices.
3 channels in (all Mono)
2 channels out (one mono, one psuedo stereo)
Speaker that can be turned on/off
Master Volume plus Vols for each input.

Yeah, it's not exactly high tech. Nor is it terribly well built. But I'm a rank novice with electronics and this is by far the most complicated thing I've built. The amplifier is the guts of an off the shelf RadioShack mono amp. It's not really great sounding but I'm just playing for fun.



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    This is exactly what i need minus intructions

    The reason I haven't is because it doesn't quite work right. It more or less works but something is screwy with the volume pots. Until I can get someone to go over the wiring with me and sort it out I don't want to post an Instructable with a faulty wiring diagram. Sorry.

    man!!!! plz plz plz plz make an 'ible bout this!!!!plz plz plz

    please make an ible of this!!!!

    this is just what ive been looking for. please! i beg you! make an instructionalbe!!!

    DUDE!!! how did you make it? haha it looks Badazz haha

    kool :) what is that yellow device next to it? O_o it intrigues me :O

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    That's a Korg Kaossilator. It absolutely the easiest little synth ever built. YouTube it.

    dang that is awesome :O now i want one -_-