Introduction: The Bitcoin Watcher

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We already saw in the instructabe "Scroll a Message on a LED Matrix" how to get the up-to-date Bitcoin value through the paymium API.

We'll see here how to go a step further, and create alerts.

Step 1: Get the Bitcoin Value

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The paymium API proposes to get the Bitcoin value through the command

It results in the string :


The interesting part here is ask, that gives the last known Bitcoin value. It will be stored in msg.payload.ask.

Step 2: Display the Value

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In order to display the value, we just have to put the msg.payload.ask value in a string stored in msg.payload :


Step 3: When to Display?

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We can decide when to display the Bitcoin value on the LED panel through the Inject node. In this example, we decide to display the value every 5 minutes.

Step 4: Create Alerts and Notifications

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What is interesting with Bitcoin is certainly to create alerts and notifications. We can imagine for example to play a sound, to send a mail or a SMS, but there are plenty of different ways to notify.

Let's take an example: we'll here send a sms if the running value goes above 400 euros, and display the value with different colors.

We first test the value with the following function:

if (msg.payload.ask >= 400) {
return [ msg, null ]; } else { return [ null, msg ]; }

And we launch the two different actions depending on the result of the test.

If condition is verified, we write the value in green, and send a sms with the value, and if not, we display the value in red.

Step 5: Learn More!

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