The Blue Laser Bluetooth Mouse





Introduction: The Blue Laser Bluetooth Mouse

Right after the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Bluetooth Mouse was released I had the opportunity to buy one. Its was (if I remember correctly) the first mouse from Microsoft to use bluetooth technology. I was impress, afterall it was the most beautiful mouse i ever seen. But it wasn't enough. I was looking to have a unique mouse. Easiest thing i could imagine was to change the "laser" color.

Step 1: The " Laser" Technology

I know we all have seen a lot of mouses with this "laser". In fact (at least this mouse in particular) what happens is that the mouse have a tiny camera and the red light helps to "enhance" the image below the mouse, so the processor will be able to calculate movements. I decide to try others colors, and what's best for a bluetooth mouse that a blue "laser" ???? :)

Step 2: Opening the Mouse

Step 3: Final Look

Unfortunately I dont have all steps. I did this project in 2005. So far the next step would be replace the red LED to a blue one. I try several colors (orange, green, purple, white, etc) the bests are red and blue. This is the final look:

Step 4: Final Words

Im sorry if i dont have all the steps here. The ideia was to demonstrate that is possible "mess" a little bit with the "laser" color. A also did this experiment with another mouse (a Intellimouse) and i will publish soon.

Cheers and thank you for read my instructable




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    I tried out a White LED, and it worked like a charm
    (super bright white LED...)

    excuse me but this is not a laser mouse if it has an LED in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is just an ordinary wireless optical mouse. you should be able to use white LEDs as well!!!!!! the optical mouse uses an 18x18 CCD camera to take pictures of the surface at 6000Hz (6000 times a second) and compares them to determine the movement of the mouse so any colour that will effectively illuminate the surface should work!!!! ultra-brights should work best!!!!! I've seen mice that come with blue LEDs before!!!!! i think they use red cause they work on most surfaces and cause theyre the cheapest colour.

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    you are probably right about the cheapest colour part

    TRUE LASER mice use a 3mw red laser because the cohesion and "trueness" of colour ( usually 650nm) the ccd is more accurate also the ccds are usually like 30x30 or 50x50 @600hz or really high end 1200hz ( not 6000 fool) most "laser mice" are just brighter led mice the companies just use the "laser" word as a ("lie") selling point any colour will do because the ccd just picks up monochrome brightness BEWARE: your ccd MAY be insensitive to some colours

    the reason they use red I think is becuase not only does it provide the best colour but red is the cheapest LED colour, blue and green have only been invented recently.

    Hi there, First, thank you for the information. I didnt know that. Second, the laser its just in the name. I know its a LED with a camera :) dont kill the messenger :P thank you anyway for yout message. cheers PC


    The difference in color really is a benefit or disadvantage depends on your surfaces. My green mouse, my preference, works well on wood and some of the more reflective surfaces, but not so well on some of the surfaces that work best with the traditional mouse. I've been meaning to try straight blue and yellow separately, but I haven't had the time.

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    I've tried yellow, it works on everything apart from my desk (varnished wood, quite dark, alothough it works on black surfaces hmmm?). It works on white paper, brown cauldroy, skin, red curtains, black fabric, blue fabric grey aswell. these are not all the things it works on but some of them.

    the green LED is pretty kool but the mouse it self is a little bit ugly.. sorry if im cutting you down

    I found a web site where it sell a kit of blue LED (not laser) to modify your USB mouse or buy a modified one Blue LED Mouse Why not! All the job is done...

    doood! I took the red LED and replaced with blue LED (in my old mouse), and it lagged you couldnt move very fast .which is horrible for online games... :-( BLAHH it looks cool but dont wana sacrafice my new wireless mouse. :-(

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    online games, pfft pathetic like your little Runescape? *sarcastic, if your retarted*

    runescape rules!!! and i think he was talking about games like socom... i think... either way dont make fun of runescape or jagex for that matter!!!

    In my opinion, Runescape is for emos who have low self esteem. They spend all their time on it to get awesome stats. Atari had better graphics and it is just a cheezy version of World of Warcraft.

    No runescape is pretty lame. I played it for awhile.