We are in the process of creating a line of very unique charging stations that will allow you to show off your true nerd inside. This one is the 1st of our line that we created that we think any true fan will like and no lawyer will destroy.

This idea came from watching two of our favorite shows.. pretty much the idea sparked when i saw the blue meth getting cracked into trays and poured into storage containers.. Then imagining making a dock from a pile of blue meth.. Then i was like "I could make that" after much work and rethinking this pile of blue meth idea became this Blue Meth Throne.

Since the last throne we made was taken down we wanted to create a very unique throne that would be inspired by our favorite shows but not infringing on any copyright or whatever excuses lawyers can come up with.  So if you haven't figure out which shows this throne is inspired from then you should start catching up on some TV seasons  ASAP.

Anyways last time i got a little excited and released the 3d printed throne when it was a very early prototype and needed a lot of work in hopes of winning a 3D printer. Something that a lot of people didn't realize and were very judgemental of our prototype. This time around we waited to we were done with our Blue Meth Throne. We already 3D printed, hand detailed it, Made a Silicone / hard shell mold and poured 6 clear plastic thrones. We also tested the throne with Iphone 3G/s, 4G/s, 5 Android S2 S3 with and without some popular cases and bumpers.

We made several video detailing the process we went through to make this so you guys can make your own if you want to. or you can visit my website where you can purchase one 


Step 1

3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,3D Model, 3D model,

In this case we used Maya for most of the modeling and meshlab to convert files to .STLs. The yellow dots in the 3rd graphic are non manifold, intersecting geometry, holes or stuff that is really bad for 3d printing. So besides 3d modeling you will need to clean all of this dots till you have none left (painful process)

sjmelgar2610 months ago

This is so awesome! I'm a diehard Breaking Bad fan so this is easily the most creative and insane BB merchandise item that I've ever seen! I really love this! Are you still selling this item?

mstyle183 (author)  sjmelgar2610 months ago

thank you very much!!.. i have one left from my last run.. it can be purchased here http://amznfx.storenvy.com/products/10086117-blue-meth-throne-dock

ccooker1 year ago
That is just insane. Excellent work. Totally jealous.
mstyle183 (author)  ccooker1 year ago


honkeyjohn1 year ago
You should sell these!!! PLEASSSSE!!!!!!
mstyle183 (author)  honkeyjohn1 year ago
They are.. I made 6 so far and can be bought at nuPROTO.com
macingtosh1 year ago
Could you add the .stl files?
purpulhaze1 year ago
This is too kewl but where is Jessie?
mstyle183 (author)  purpulhaze1 year ago
working on one .. for some reason getting walter's personality was much easier than Jessie..
Eirinn1 year ago
Did you use crystal clear? Be aware that it's extremely hazardous and releases hydrogen cyanide gas. I'm sure you took proper precaution when handling whatever material you used. I just wanted to warn people. Crystal clear is no joke and can seriously harm you.
mstyle183 (author)  Eirinn1 year ago
i used smooth-cast 325.. from smooth-on products.. i have some serious masks.. but didnt find their fumes that bad. thanks for the heads up..
that ic good a
That's a PERFECT instructions for not using other glue or stuff,and recycling the scraps :)

p.s. Wow,that Wacom tablet ;)
solid results! this is were the true value of 3d printing is realized, mold making is a lost art to most people so people usually just try to crank out stuff on printers and expect it to work but with this method you could easily cast things out of metal. I see this instructable valuable to the community because of how clearly you have demonstrated this line of thinking
mstyle183 (author)  kyle brinkerhoff1 year ago
3D printing is awesome.. but when it comes to large objects and different materials it's still not comparable to mold making. A print this detailed took about 50 hours, not including gluing, detailing and removing support material.. Also none of the 3d printed material could be this strong nor have this look.. So i definetly love mold making.. I really put a lot of effort in this instructable and try to grab as much in video for my fellow DIYers.. thanks for the comment
foobear1 year ago
that is wildly weird
mstyle183 (author)  foobear1 year ago
We will take that as a compliment.. thanks!