Belonging to this community has made me more aware of how many people are interested in eating healthier diets, and changing their purchasing habits by recycling to make our world a healthier place to live. When I was raising my children I made an effort to cook healthy meals for them. It is amazing how well my efforts paid off. In this tutorial I will be sharing some interesting facts I have learned about tuna and how to make a healthy sandwich that is " The bomb for Halloween! " This instructable was inspired by the  "Healthy School lunch and the Halloween contests. 

Step 1: Facts

Recently my daughter signed up to purchase groceries at Amazon. She was price comparing and did a three hour search on the tuna Amazon offered. She called me to share the information she learned. I will be writing a detailed instructables sharing the links she found, the figures she came up with, and more detailed information about it in a different instructable.
I wanted to share all the information in this instructable but I could not find the brand I wanted so I decided to wait and publish more information after I can show the comparison. 
She emailed me this:
I spent three hours today researching TUNA of all things.  Found out some really interesting stuff and wanted to let you know about it.

#1.  Most canned tuna has all kinds of fillers in it, thus you get less meat and more junk.
#2.  Mercury content in the meat is a big issue and we here in the U.S. get the worst/highest mercury content in the world.  It's really bad.
#3.  Bumblebee, Starkist, and Chicken of the Sea are the top 3 companies that provide like 80% of our tuna in the U.S.
#4.  Bumblebee and Chicken of the Sea is pretty much a product of mush as far as quality.  Starkist is the best of the three, but still has junk fillers.
#5.  Those three use nets that harm all the 'cute' sea creatures we love like dolphins and stuff, but the big thing is they are part of big corporatism...

And this:
I looked at other alternatives and discovered a brand I believe to be the best.

WILD PLANET brand catches their tuna one at a time.  They DO NOT PACK THE TUNA IN WATER or ANYTHING ELSE other than the FISH in the can!  No fillers, just tuna.  Because of this, you get about 300% more Omega 3's compared to other canned tuna which we severely lack in our diets.  They have one of the best mercury ratings in the nation and the fish is U.S.A. fish which is better to buy locally.

Roger pays about $0.32 per oz at our local grocery store for Starkist white albacore (which is more expensive than Bumblebee & Chicken of the Sea brands).
Wild Planet white albacore is approx $0.42 per oz and we aren't paying for water or filler.
(They tell you NOT to drain the can because the 'juice' is from the fish i.e. the oil.)
And this:
Ok, so the bottom line is this:  Amazon Schedule & Save is definitely worth trying.
Wild Planet albacore tuna appears to be the best for you and a better buy than the scraps  you get from everyone else.

I love it when supporting ethical and sustainable companies makes economic sense as well :)

Got the Wild Planet tuna.  Won't ever willingly go back to the other stuff!  All that is in the can is nice big chunks of tuna steak.  Even though the tuna is packed in its own juices, there isn't much "juice" to speak of - you definitely get more tuna in the can than the other brands.  It tastes fresher too!

Roger, the ultimate tuna lover said he never wants to eat that other stuff again.  He said more tuna in the can or not, he definitely TASTES the difference...

Anyway, just thought I would share.   It is certainly worth the 3+ hours I spent researching and finally taking the risk to order.

I found some information about how to choose the right tuna that supports her statement:
It's a cute dish! Also I appreciate the information about tuna cans. <br>I often tell my husband &quot;if you behave badly, I'll put only a tuna can in your bento (lunch box)!&quot; <br>Fortunately so far, he never received Tuna-can-bento. <br>The facts that you and your daughter sown are useful to scare him more. <br>Than you!
That is funny! Thanks for sharing! Hope your day is bright AND beautiful! <br>Sunshiine
I meant &quot;Thank you!&quot;
You do like Angry Birds!
The birds are kind of easy to draw or mimic for people like me who are not artist . I can't really draw. I see you have talent in that area though! Thanks for stopping by! Hope your day shiines. <br>Sunshiine.
Ha ha thanks! I just enjoy it a lot!
Really cool idea Sunshine! Thanks for all the tuna tips!
You are welcome! Thank you for visiting! <br>Sunshiine
These look SO good. I'm always looking for ways to get my grandkids to at least try different breads, a long with different foods in general. I'll be sure to try your assembly very soon, with something other than white bread!
They say if you fix food that is healthy when the kids are young ; they will probably eat healthy foods when they leave home. I have known a lot of people that this has worked for. Thanks for commenting and I hope your day is filled with everything good! <br>Sunshiine
This is so adorable!
Thanks for stopping by rrkrose! Have a beautiful day! <br>Sunshiine

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