Step 5: Prep the Ribbon

Cut the ribbon at a diagonal and long enough to extend 4" or 5" beyond the top and beyond the bottom of the "apron" when the ribbon is centered within the fold. Sear the poly ribbon's cut edges very carefully with a lighter to prevent fraying.
This is brilliant!
A dry erase marker works on the plastic that I used, but I would test your materials to be safe. <br><br>The vinyl that I could find was too thick, and would damage the spine of the book if closed in; and I couldn't figure out how to get a sewing machine to allow the ribbon in the middle to &quot;flop&quot; flat to either side. But then, I am not so good with the sewing machine.
Awesome idea! Will give it a try!
how about using the clear vinyl instead of the folder? and a sewing machine will sew thru the vinyl...even though it is easier if you have a roller foot or walking foot.
have you tried using a sewing machine? you can adjust the stitch width quite wide and then just use the hand control to sew.
GREAT idea! I always hate how I end up getting food stuffs on my nice expensive cookbooks! I second John Smith's suggestion- what happened with the dry erase marker?
What about using dry-erase markers to check off ingredients? That is something I'd want it for.
ooh, I should get a marker and try it out. i did notice that the clear plastic is static-y--a piece of paper will stick to it, so a person could sort of underline where they are in the recipe just with a scrap of paper.
This is great for my mom but she has like a billion different shaped cookbooks, I think I'll try this
oh yea I forgot she also takes note cards and cuts out recipes from like cereal boxes n stuff then glues them to the note card and laminates them
That is a really good idea, especially for disaster prone cooks such as myself.

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