Be sure to vote for me in the Epilog contest, those pages would have been alot easier to cut through with a laser cutter...

I have always loved the idea of a 'ancient' looking book.
Every time I've looked in a second hand bookshop, I've never found a suitable example.

On top of that, i have always like the idea of a slightly fantastical book, something a bit sci-fi, but a bit legendary.

Films like the 9th gate, neverending story, and others, have this crazy books, happened across by someone, this is something i wanted to incorporate.

So, after making a couple of smaller books, I realized that I could easily make what i wanted.
Another idea I had seen before, but not done overly well, is that pieced together stitched look.

When talking through this with Rocketscientist, we happened across the idea of a living book, and bit by bit our creativity unfolded into one of my most epic projects to date.



The Book of Time is the ultimate time travelers companion, containing the history of everything that was, and is yet to be. The book is a self perpetuating ouroboros, seeding a smaller book, which was then taken back in time to become the book itself. There are about three instances of the book, one book exists, but has traveling from the beginning of time to the end three times, hence, 3 books can be found, but only one book exists.

The book itself is a living book, it's sense are deeply embedded into space time itself, and it grows new pages for new events. Constantly changing and evolving depending on the fluctuations of time.

The book itself is unreadable, and requires a super focused crystal diopter to read the strange 'growth patterns' on the pages. Once read, the two accompanying decoder books are needed to translate it into a form of the Anglitectro language readable by those who need to.

The power of the book lies in the ability to 're-write' time. Some events can be changed easily, others have a deep grain, and can not be changed without destroying the book itself.
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thehbird1 year ago
Question is this from doctor who
Azzurro2 years ago
Cool thing, looks like Oghma Infinium. :) I'll make one for sure!
another great design! this gave me an idea for a locking mechanism, im not sure why but it did.
Inygknok4 years ago
I strongly recommend using adhesion promoter and then primer. It helps paint *that* much more in holding up and durability. We use it in the automotive industry all the time for better durability. For these kinds of projects, the spray can versions work just fine.
Hey man, you're extremely talented. This is an awesome project. I liked it so much in fact that I decided to make my own Book of Time. Here it is!
This step is beyond me. Do you understand how hard it is to eat pie? Do you realize the time and effort that takes? Not everyone can do something so skilled. I feel like by posting this, you're just gloating that you're one of the lucky few that's capable. I can't even look at the pictures. Beyond jealousy to straight up envy right there.
gmjhowe (author)  KaterinaYager5 years ago
I am sorry if my pie step has upset you. However, we all have different skills, some of us are better at some things. Anyone can learn to eat pie, it takes practice and time.

You can not just learn to eat pie over night.
Ain't it the truth :/
And as long as you're better at eating pie today than you were yesterday, you're headed for success!
GeekBeam5 years ago
by far my favorite epilog entry that I've seen so far. it could start a whole story, pertaining to itself. and it could record it. I already know why you can't change the more ingrained events, because it would cause a time paradox, if it changes it enough so that you don' exist then theres your paradox right there.
Brilliant! I love the story behind the book most of all - very creative. Well done! Oh, and I haven't made the book but I jumped straight to step 8, I hope that's ok.
gmjhowe (author)  Omega Supreme6 years ago
You can have the pie, but no book. But you cannot have the book and no pie.
Totally Agree! The most important and my favorit step! We should do more Pie moments/steps!
The Decoder Books (step 13) is a Good idea! It can have another application; it can be an excellent note book to place beside or just below the keyboard or the laptop. As we always have small space to place a notebook, however this kind of notebook fits perfectly.
(I know we can also take note directly on the computer... but some like me prefer taking notes on paper)
Wonderfull steampunk book! a perfect props!

For those wondering, "book of time" is also a trilogy book titles, of children fantasy, written by the french author Guillaume Prévost.
the book of time ISBN 978-0439883757
the gate of days ISBN 978-0439883764
the circle of gold ISBN 978-0439883771

As HG Wells, the main subject is travelling through the time, it's a kind of steampunk for kids.

I think this kind of steampunk book instructable, is a very nice material to write your own steampunk novel (handwriting), or re-write your favorite steampunk novel, and immortilize it with your own handwritting, which make a perfect props!
Colonel885 years ago
I just skimmed through this thing.
I am only going to do one t hing now.

A really neat looking piece of art... like the idea behind it too... although... you know time is an illusion :)
Printy5 years ago
*whistles* Yepper, one of the finer books out there. Definitely putting this on my "To do someday soon" list. :) Thanks for the ideas!
romanreb5 years ago
This is absolutely beautiful.   I'm an old woman and will never try to make this---no, seriously---old enough to be your grandmother---but I could spend hours just looking at the pictures.  TRULY wonderful.  Thanks.
gmjhowe (author)  romanreb5 years ago
 You should not doubt yourself, anything is possible, you could easily buy a book, and cover it to achieve something similar! As always, feel free to ask me for any advice.
Akiro6 years ago
how works
gmjhowe (author)  Akiro6 years ago
If you take the time to bring forth a full and complete sentence, I will be sure to try my best to answer.
bored2death5 years ago
cool book...mind if i use the story sometime?
junkpunk5 years ago
This is really great, just wondered cos you don't seem to use any card for the spine. You say in step 6 cut 2 card pieces, whereas other instructables use 3 (front, back and spine). Is the book okay without a card spine?
smurfsahoy5 years ago
How about a scroll saw?
Jehosephat6 years ago
Let me take time to say that this is the best project...of all time!!! (dun-dun-dun!) ...Yes I know that was corny, but still I could not help it. I do want to know though is what are the "companion books". I am guessing they have something to do with the book appearing "three times in history" but I am not sure... Also, I might be considering playing off this project and make an "exorcist book". I would have a hard time getting the paper though, so I'm considering to just make a cover out of leather for the outside and cut a hole through most of the book and follow up with the "roots" idea and making a version of my own. Thanks for making this, Jehosephat
Jehosephat6 years ago
For the LOLZ, Do it for the LOLZ!!! Heh, sorry I just like pie. >.<
13005196 years ago
Your vast amount of creativity in story making would make you a great dungeon master.
Whales 13005196 years ago
Yeah this guy could make an amazing dungeon-maker or game master.
Cthulu6 years ago
gmjhowe (author)  Cthulu6 years ago
Thank you!
Gh{O}sT6 years ago
Good job...., very good job.
gmjhowe (author)  Gh{O}sT6 years ago
well damn't are you happy? i am now compelled to build one you have the coolest stuff dude
gmjhowe (author)  SuperCoPilot6 years ago
mowdish6 years ago
Beautiful work, but I'm sure you knew that. Are you going to add anything to the pages? They seem kind of pointless at the moment. Pieces of thread growing out from the binding could look cool. And you could add to them over time so the book actually changes. In fact, you could even come up with a representational scheme so that important events (e.g. upcoming wedding) would get represented in the book and could be translated through the companion books.
gmjhowe (author)  mowdish6 years ago
Ne chance you could explain about that root idea some more? Also, voting is open for the epilog contest now.
mowdish gmjhowe6 years ago
Was this reply meant for me? If so, could you explain to me what you want me to explain to you?
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