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Let's make a real "Bookshelf" !

A bookcase is bound to be built on authors.
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Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Picture of Step 1: Materials
1- 1m² Foreks (that's a PVC based material) (10 mm and 5 mm)

2-  A Drill 

3 - 1.5 meter LED and 12V adapter

4 - Soldering Iron and Solder

5 - A can of spray paint (Black or your choice)

6 - Some connection stuff

Step 2: Step 2: Set the Form

I did some sketches and mockups to set form.

The important point is making the decision of the font. I used "Impact", because it's a compact font with bold glyphs, making our bookshelves stronger with a low percentage of spaces in the shelf

Step 3: Step 3: Here we go! Let's cut the parts with CNC

Picture of Step 3: Here we go! Let's cut the parts with CNC
it's preferrable to use .dwg format, but you can use other graphic formats as well.

Step 4: Step 4: We are painting the "bookshelf"

Picture of Step 4: We are painting the
You can choose your color. I used black.

You had better refrain from painting the backside, so as to keep the reflection of light at it's optimum.

Step 5: Step 5: We are starting to locate the LED's

Picture of Step 5: We are starting to locate the LED's
After assembling the BOOKSHELF shelves to 90 degrees position using the bondage parts, placement of LED's to one another becomes our focus.

It's not a complicated process.

By using a soldring iron, bond plus to plus ends, minus to minus ends. That's all.

Step 6: Step 6: Now connect the parts

Picture of Step 6: Now connect the parts
Now it is time to connect the shelves according to your design.

Step 7: Step 7: Finally!

Picture of Step 7: Finally!
Here you have created your personalized bookcase in 5 hours with simply 70 dollars!

The cream panel seen in the backside is the placeholder of the wall. I have made my design of the bookcase to be placed in the corner of a room, using the walls as the backside of the bookcase. 

This corner will be utilized as a bookcase. But there is more! 
The LEDs also provide an inviting ambiance for the room, and especially the books. Go bibliophils! 

If you haven't got any books yet, you can start to buy some :)

Keep in mind, that not the books support and glorify the names, but the names do it for the books.

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Nice work!
you should put something like wax paper behind it to diffuse the light so it spreads evenly
lol nevermind i take the diffusion thing back
CrLz3 years ago
ilpug3 years ago
very well done. great idea, and great workmanship. I have no CNC machine, but i might do something like this.
hmouda3 years ago
AcidCow3 years ago
Wow, nicely done! Jjust the kind of thing I had in mind only about a 50th in size...
mpedersen3 years ago
Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing
UberNoober3 years ago
One of the coolest looking bookshelves I've ever seen. Absolutely brilliant.
KellyCraig4 years ago
If ever the shelves were made too long and "wowed" a bit, you could add stiffeners that lined with the lettering and was mounted, of course, to the undersides.

Even if the stiffeners were not one solid piece, as is often found on the front of a cabinet shelf, and were, instead, several short pieces, still, they would vastly improve the strength of a long shelf.
buvra (author)  KellyCraig3 years ago
Thank you for your interest and useful advises.
I will take consideration.
imp4 years ago
awesome work. i really like that.
abonaza4 years ago
i love this work
malialtin4 years ago
Will get an "A" mark for sure...
buvra (author)  malialtin4 years ago
he is my boss on this project^^
velorna4 years ago
Very nice and creative
That is a VERY nice piece of work, reminds me a little of the Japanese style lights "shoji"(?) but a very creative and original take on the idea. Well done and thanks for sharing your project.
buvra (author)  Dream Dragon4 years ago
thanks for your attention:)
barbara32ca4 years ago
These are gorgeous!
piper12344 years ago
amazing mix of crafting and typography graphic design :D William Morris and Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus would be proud, a standing clap ; )
wiillii4 years ago
avesome idea

PS: kitaplık diye görünce nedense mutlu oldum:)
buvra (author)  wiillii4 years ago
:):) thx
piperjon4 years ago
This is BRILLIANT. And I would be the one with the jigsaw trying to do that, just a bit on the old-school side for something as AWESOME as a CNC. Very good look, and with lots of potential for other projects. - Pj
Such a brilliant idea and good application! Congratulations..
artworker4 years ago
You have made the sexiest thing on instructables.
siafulinux4 years ago
Nice!!! Really nice!
buvra (author)  siafulinux4 years ago
thanks a lot
zilcho4 years ago
Dude, that is awesome. now if only i had a cnc machine
You could use a jigsaw, but it would take a bit of time... still, it's possible.
buvra (author)  zilcho4 years ago
Thx dudee. Come here, i can cut them for u ^^
Rehmatullah3 years ago
i like your lighting and word cutting.... nice shelf style.. i like it
Rich993 years ago
i refuse to read any i'ble with the phrase " Here we go! Let's cut the parts with CNC" in it.
öözdemir3 years ago
o lehimi 1 milyoncudanmı aldın brother ;))
tellner3 years ago
It's cute but not terribly useful if you have a lot of books. All the hard work will be covered up
buvra (author)  tellner3 years ago
I tested it with pretty acceptable weight.Working okey..I'll try to add wall-mounted photos soonly.(with books)
Thanks for the critic.
tellner buvra3 years ago
I'm sure it can handle the weight. It just seems a shame to go to all that work when it will be completely covered up with books. At least at my house where they're three deep on all the shelves.
pfred2 tellner3 years ago

These are some real bookworm's shelves:

I showed them to a real bookworm once and he was very excited!

Then I made some more:

Not nearly as fancy as in this article but like you I think it'd be a shame to cover those others up with books.
tellner pfred23 years ago
Very nice. And very sturdy-looking. Currently looking at making some Gustav Stickley built-in bookcases when we have the money.
pfred2 tellner3 years ago
Thanks. These are Goesas Faras shelves. As in Goes as far as I could get with a sheet of plywood. Honestly the most expensive part of the project was finishing supplies, stain, poly etc. I had the movable shelves lying around.

The made some more was made with scrap lumber. I need to take a picture of my Stickley inspired little shelf unit I made out of salvaged pallet wood and post it. It was essentially free.

My latest scavenger hunt I'm slapping together:

It should look OK once I get that piece of hardboard on top of it all. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't let lack of funds dictate what you can and can't do.

poofrabbit3 years ago
This is great! Well done on the win!!!!
buvra (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
thxx a lot . i am very excited and happy :)
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