Step 2: Cut off the Bottom of the Bottle

Picture of Cut off the Bottom of the Bottle
Cut off the bottom of the bottle

Becareful while cutting glass, don't let it cut you and wear your safety glasses.

1. I used painters tape to help me keep a straight line when cutting. It helped quite a bit from scoring higher on the bottle.

2. After I had my tape on I used a glass cutter to create a score line around the bottle. I did this nice and slow.

3. Fill the sink with cold tap water.

4. Next I removed the tape from the bottle and lit my candle.
--4.1 I rotated th bottle over the flame along the score line. Heating the score line is going to aid in cracking the bottle when i dunk it in cold water.

5. Dunk the hot bottle straight into the cold water, hopefully this will be all you need to do. I had to do more.
--5.1 I tapped on the bottom of the bottle with my glass cutter trying to get it to fall away, it didn't.
--5.2 * What I did was blow my breath air into the bottle as soon as i did that it popped right off.
NOTE When I tapped on the bottle with my glass cutter I think it skewed my score line because the bottle didn't separate evenly. I should have just blown in the bottle and never tapped it.

6. Now the bottle is separated and I need to level out the edges.

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