Step 2: Cut Off the Bottom of the Bottle

Cut off the bottom of the bottle

Becareful while cutting glass, don't let it cut you and wear your safety glasses.

1. I used painters tape to help me keep a straight line when cutting. It helped quite a bit from scoring higher on the bottle.

2. After I had my tape on I used a glass cutter to create a score line around the bottle. I did this nice and slow.

3. Fill the sink with cold tap water.

4. Next I removed the tape from the bottle and lit my candle.
--4.1 I rotated th bottle over the flame along the score line. Heating the score line is going to aid in cracking the bottle when i dunk it in cold water.

5. Dunk the hot bottle straight into the cold water, hopefully this will be all you need to do. I had to do more.
--5.1 I tapped on the bottom of the bottle with my glass cutter trying to get it to fall away, it didn't.
--5.2 * What I did was blow my breath air into the bottle as soon as i did that it popped right off.
NOTE When I tapped on the bottle with my glass cutter I think it skewed my score line because the bottle didn't separate evenly. I should have just blown in the bottle and never tapped it.

6. Now the bottle is separated and I need to level out the edges.

Pleeezzeee!!! What music did you use for your video??? Skull Candy!
I don't recall what the name of it was. Now I feel bad because I should have cited it. I think I got it off of some free music techno site but I don't know which one.
 I think the name is the best part! Not saying anything bad about the rest either. I am gonna make one to be wall mounted.  Here's an idea... so many people are throwing out their old tube based monitors and TV's. Why not cut off the face and use that part as the diffuser? I just love to turn trash into treasure. Don't know whether or not that would work though. 
how about giving it a try and make an instrucable about it... that what this does inspires the mind
 That would be cool
Where Can i find the tool to cut the glass?How much would that cost? Thanks
Awesome. I was wondering how to cut the bottom off of a glass bottle just a few days ago.
thank you
Interesting, but what is the misic in backround of video, Tangerine Dream? tnx Spark Master
poor gallery glass inside roll it around a bit and it will color it and give it a bit of a liquid texture
That is a good idea. I will keep it in mind for future projects. Thank you.
Personally, I would've nixed the wax on the outside and made battery-powered and with LEDs... but those are just stylistic choices. Would it be possible to paint the inside of the bottle and frost the outside, so as to get diffuse patterns? or stick a transparency inside the bottle to show through?
The outside is already frosted it came that way (Arbor Mist bottle). A transparency is a good idea. The LED version is coming soon, I just have to get to it. The wax gives it an old world charm. Thank you for the ideas and suggestions.
agreed, though personally, I'm more for utility than aesthetics... the wax just made it to messy for my tastes. Do you have any experience with sanding the outside of the bottle with sandpaper by any chance? I was thinking, maybe mini ones of these made with beer bottles...
Well it does work just the way I wanted it to and it looks the way I wanted it to. So really I got the best of both utility and aesthetics. The wax makes it smell good also, next time I will use hot glue for the same effect and it shouldn't be as messy. I used 80 grit and 200 grit to sand down the sharp edges, but I would think you could use 200 grit and maybe get that effect. But I don't really know. I think there are some other instructables on how to frost the glass. you may have to do a search. I am gong to make a smaller one using and led and hot glue. ihave so many things going I am not sure when I will get the time to do it. Thry using the mini-bar liquor bottles that would be cool.
I was thinking even going up to 800 grit, or my 1500 grit rubbing compound and a buffer... Dunno, I'll try it over fall break, maybe. Yeah, I definitely never thought about scented oils being released by the bulbs heat, tho using hot glue appeals more to me than dripping wax.
Nice. When I first saw the title I read it "bottle bra" and was utterly confused/intrigued. But that's neither here nor there...
LOL I see what you are saying, I didn't look at it that way :-) I really tried to come up with a better name but this was the best I could do.
wasn't hating on the name at all. I dig it.
No problem, I didn't think you were. I just wish I could have had something better. Oh well it's named guess I will have to live with it. Thanks for the positive comments they are appreciated.
Lokks nice! <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Drinking-Glasses-from-Wine-Bottles/?ALLSTEPS">Here</a>'s a very nice instructable on breaking glass. <br/>
Yes I read that one, it is a good "ible". That one is the other part of what inspired me to do this one.

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