The Brazilian Race Car


Introduction: The Brazilian Race Car

About: I'm just making some ideas to become real.
This video I made here in my City.
[[Video(http://http://, {width:600, height:500} ) ]]

Step 1:

What you need:

Step 2:


- draw the lines , and cut .

Step 3:

Step 4:

I wanted to make it like it was a little old...
Than I painted with light gray and after I  used orange and brown spray..

Step 5:

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    AÊEEEE Curitibaaaa!=D ahwehaweh, tesão cara teu instructables!=] bom saber que tem gente que ainda curte brincadeiras masi econômicas!=D

    abrasss cara!!!

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    Im form Brazi, and those rolimã cars are really part of any kid life. You just sit in it at the top of a really high road cliff and pray to lord to get in the bottom without any several asphalt burn or scratch.

    I think that could have more written instructions in the instructable, like tips of building the parts. Placing the bearings for example: you can place the bearing in the top of the wood you gonna cut, then put some water in the bearing hole, marking the perfect radius that the wood will be cut. It helps to keep the bearing tight to the wood.

    this could really use more written instructions.

    Meu pai fez um pra mim uma vez, o modelo dele se pilotava deitado :)

    Bom trabalho.

    Vc poderia dar mais detalhes de como montar o eixo e incluir um sistema de freio, falo por experiencia, um dia fez falta no meu ehehehehe

    de qualquer forma ficou bem legal.