The Breacher





Introduction: The Breacher

I rebuild my saiga and made slight modifications, such as:
-different mag
-different trigger set up
-different stock
-charging handle
-different grip

I call it The Breacher because Saigas are used to breach doord because of their power and because they are reliable

credits to Richtofen for his Galil stock



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    Good job, bro, I like the extended magazine, foregrip, stock, everything on this is pretty nice!

    that mag is a standart 12 round 12 gauge mag bro xD
    but thanks anyways c:

    OK, I guess I'm not used to how a 12 gauge banana magazine looks. :)

    they are huge, Saigas with mag caps over 12 are ALWAYS drums

    OK. I think one would be really fun to shoot. I've only got to shoot a 12 gauge one time. It didn't kick too bad at all. It was a powerful kick, but not sharp or anywhere close to painful.

    I don't own any real guns, but I've seen videos of people shooting a 12 gauge Saiga, with 12 rnd mag, it seemed to kick alot and it has a nice rof, since the most known (and im sure its the most owned one) are based of ak47s and ak74s so yeh xD
    broke it up tho

    Yeah. The kick is fairly strong, not sharp. More of a shove rather then a whack.

    Interesting! but the lighting Sucks!