Picture of The 'Brightvan'

This is a rather complex vehicle system heavily resembling a bike, that can easily be used as a sort of armored car (Look at the option in Step #6 to increase combat capability). You can check local laws, but this should be street legal, its kind of like a tandom bike. From airsoft hell.

It works well at night, and the more lights you add, it makes it safer and safer, also adds to visibility.

Did I mention that this thing is like an airsoft combat buggy?
Just peddle-powered?

Hope you have some strong-legged teammates.

Step 1: The body

Picture of The body
Mine, personally, is made of scrap steel, but pine or oak is fine too.

The body should look a lot like this.

Make sure to buy tires, thick ones. And make sure you have nice axels. The entire rig is dependant on this. The vehicle should be roughly 6 ft. long, and 4 ft wide.

Begin by Taking the basic rectangular shape of the main body. Fill in the gaps until you have a roughly similar device to the one shown. Cut out circular shapings (two in the back and two in the front) That fit your lightbulbs. Then Build up your axel/wheel/steering system (See Step # 4) and generally try to leave LOTS of room for peddling. When youve finished your rectangle, put in the rear section and the basket. The basket needs to be EXACTLY the same size as the car battery you decide to use.

Try to keep up the space, theres nothing worse than a cramped ride.
dergon4 years ago
lol ms paint
cranberys5 years ago
 thanks a lot(not being sarcastic at all)see all my  friends and i are trying to build a tank out of aluminum and newspaper but this this is awesome
aseaheru5 years ago
the new way things work. it shows how brakes work, also stireing wheles
Joyayas (author) 5 years ago

It's been modified a bit, it will grow more from this, as I plan to remake the ENTIRE instructable.

Its a bit dissapointing really, but I will try to get some RL pictures, instead of free, microsoft paint diagrams.

I may need to remake this vehicle. That may take a while, it cost me roughly $250. So funds are limited.

lemonie5 years ago
It needs pictures of the vehicle and a better explanation of how it was built.