Not much to say on this. I'm into steampunk, my friend is into sci-fi. Loves Star Wars and Firefly. Well one time she brought me a nice brassy headpiece of a blowtorch. I have yet to make something interesting out of that but I wanted to do something for her to say thanks. Saw some of the sprinkler system stuff in the hardware store and thought it would make a great saber, but of course I had to take my own twist on it. At first it just started with the handle but any respectable saber will light up. She requested yellow, and I decided Plexiglas may light up in an interesting way. Still thinking of etching the blade, but I may leave some of the customization up to her. Cheers
Nanako542 years ago
How did you make this i wanted to make something similar and i haven't had much luck with the hilt our the lights
nerd123 years ago
if you sand the blade a little to make it frosted and ramp up the LED strength then it will glow better. you need to increase the strength quite a bit though. also by leaving parts of it unsanded or smoothing parts of it afterwards, you can make script for her name or whatever. also it looks like a kitchen knife than a saber because the blade is very short. you should make longer.
Don't do this. Not to put him down. but if you etch it, the etchings will glow while the rest does not.
I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Tell Us How To Make One?!!!
5 stars. Nuff said.
yamon4 years ago
This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. And I've seen Quantum Leap.
Night9105 years ago
OMG, that is SEXY. I want one so bad!
oh wow ive got to try to piece something like this together at some point
Coranu5 years ago
Etching definitely would be a nice touch! It'll make it look like whatever design you etch into it is just floating.
Danielfish5 years ago
 That is very cool.
RelientOwl5 years ago
ElusiveGreen (author) 5 years ago
 I should actually be making another one for a different friend before too terribly long. I'll be sure to do an instructable on it.
Looks like a movie-quality prop. I'd love to see the build on this
Kiteman5 years ago
Very nice - do you have pictures of the actual build?
lemonie5 years ago
That's very good.