The "Broken" Mouse


Introduction: The "Broken" Mouse

Trick a friend or family member into thinking their mouse isn't working. It's simple and won't make anybody too angry! It's pretty hilarious to watch them try to fix it and freak out over it.

Step 1: Acquire a Target

This can be a friend or a family member!

Step 2: Tear the Sticky Note

Get a sticky pad and tear off a small piece. It is important that you tear from the top where it is sticky or the prank won't work.

Step 3: Place on Mouse

Place the sticky note over the light that is on the bottom of the mouse. It is important that it covers the whole light.

Step 4: And Now the Fun Begins!

Stand back and watch your friends/family become very confused as they try to use their mouse.

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    I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing and do have a happy April fools Day!

    What a perfectly fun and harmless prank! Everyone has a computer, so this could work anywhere! Thanks for the stellar idea! :)

    I use a piece of cellophane tape - it's small and clear but works well enough to confuse our IT guy for about 3 minutes.

    and write a note on bottom, so when they turn the mouse over to see what's up, it says: "pranked!" or "haha!"

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    Awesome! I do this every time i go to my bosses office, and he's not there.

    I use this all the time