IT DOESN'T GET RECORD BREAKING RAGES BECAUSE OF THE BARREL! IT IS BECAUSE OF THICK RUBBER BANDS AND ZERO FRICTION!!!!!!!!!! Muhaahahahahahaha!!!! I know hold the title of longest range Knex gun on instrucables!
name:B.s.r raptor

purpouse: long range sniping

range: 450+ feet tested by silentassasin21

sight: red dot optic

power: leves bullet holes in both sides of coke cans and can shoot throgh a cardboard box that is 50 feet away. may leave large blood gushing wounds.

I will get a piece list up soon

Step 1: The Stock.

build it. now.

1: what you are bulding
2: make 2
3: add orange connectors
6:connect and done!

Step 2: Handle

The part where your hand rests.

1: what you are making
2:make 2
3:make these
4: add
5: add
6: connect
7: add a rubberband. you can add more for more confert.

Step 3: Main Body


1:what you are making.
2: make
3: make 2
4: add orange conectors and spacers to one
5: make. credit to kat.
6: add
7: add
8: connect
9: fore grip. make

Step 4: Barrel

your fingers might fall off after making this!

1: what your making
2: make 2. that's right
3: add suports
4: close up one how they are made up.
5: connect
6: make 4
7:add spacers
8: add one
7: add another
8: repeat on the other side

Step 5: Connecting

how to connect.

1: barrel to body
2: body to stock
3: handle to body
4: red dot sight to body

Step 6: Banding

how to band it.

1: rubber bands. one is a string of 5 and the other is a string of six. bothe have the middle rubber bands cut.
2: connect via green rods
3: add a rubber band to the trigger.

Step 7: Loading/firing

1: bullet. you need fins for 350 feet of range, but I did not have time.

2: hook onto rubberbands

3: into mec

your done! =)
Do they have to be orange or will yellow work?<br />
yellow will work
i got the nar to go almost 500ft
Just built it yesterday for the second time :):):):)
yeah ive seen the srv2 it shoots 500feet so you lose!
hey any one got a part list???????
Is that a bruise on your thumb on pic 1 step 7? Or is it ink or something else?
It's paint
Oh I was gonna ask how you did it lol.
But I did get this from a knex gun once
Juicy, I had a gun backfire, barrel it my in the face, cut my face, smashed my glasses, and bruised the hell outta my fingers, lol.
ive had a broken toe from a bigger version of the srv2. cos it went off while i was loading
on my slideshow which gun should I post in one of the pics you can see a bandage on my wrist. Thats from an exploding firing pin.
Yerjoking, LOL
No, I'm being serious.
He was making fun of your name. XD
I know, but it dm, I made this name for that sole reason, for people to make fun lol, they did on runescape too, I have 3 unique names on runescape, Fomby, got hacked, Yerjoking, member but not anymore and pansiecakey, an omen I'm sure.
Ooooch that looks bad. I got a bad one from this gun, the trigger misfired with my thumb in the way.......
was that from the DD-27?
no, the white tiger rifle
oh, I saw the DD-27 in the background, so I thought it was that....
Sweet battle scar.
ow that looks painfull... my experimental crossbow exploded yesturday andfired pieces everywhere and whipped me with two wheels... the bruises hurt like hell.
&nbsp;has anyone built a mini version
This is not a sniper rifle, this is an anti-material rifle. Damn thats gigantic!<br />
my fingers are hurting just looking at it.<br /> <br />
sniper contest <br /> here <a href="../../../community/knex-sniper-contest-type-thing/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/community/knex-sniper-contest-type-thing/</a>
how does the track splice stay on the grey rod?? 'cuse mine can't
Super glue
cool gun can someone send me a patch
Lol... i have 3
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SR_V2/">https://www.instructables.com/id/SR_V2/</a> <br/>(KillerK's design really, but technically I have the instructable with the highest range K'nex gun on the site, topping a massive <strong>500ft+</strong> (video proof coming out before the end of June)<br/>
this uses #64s yours used a #holy sh!t, you shot out a second floor window, he shot (did you?) off the ground. pown3d (gun in pic, my b.s.r. raptor)
I had to shoot of a 2nd floor window because that was the only way the bolt could get over that row of gardens. There is an out-take of shooting off my driveway but I never found the bolt :(
you do know that you incresed the range by 50 or so feet by shooting out the 2nd floor window
it's about 30-40 actually. And even then it still shoots further: 522-450-50= 22ft difference. Meh I don't really care though because the SRv2 isn't even my own gun. Soon my new sniper will be complete and THEN I shall be victorious! <br/>
You do realize this was released before killerk posted pics of SR-v2.
Yes, but know the SR-V2 does exist
have you actually gotten 500+feet with the SR-v2?
Look at the video on the instructable
you never did say if it did get 500 feet... Of course, I may be wrong...
Um, yeah I did:<div style="margin-left:15px;"> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/drjGv1Qx0ks"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/drjGv1Qx0ks" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent"></embed></object></div><br/>
how do i know that you didnt put a bullet at 522ft and just walk to that one instead of the one you shot
Well if this was my own design then you have a point that I may lie about the range. BUT since this is not my gun and it's KillerK's why should I care about how far it shoots? There isn't really any point to lying about a gun that isn't even yours. Make sense?
where did you get that ruber band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It just magically turned up at the foot of my TV and no-one in my family seems to know what and where it came from. Spooky...

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