Picture of The B.s.r Raptor... the longest range Knex sniper rifle in history
IT DOESN'T GET RECORD BREAKING RAGES BECAUSE OF THE BARREL! IT IS BECAUSE OF THICK RUBBER BANDS AND ZERO FRICTION!!!!!!!!!! Muhaahahahahahaha!!!! I know hold the title of longest range Knex gun on instrucables!
name:B.s.r raptor

purpouse: long range sniping

range: 450+ feet tested by silentassasin21

sight: red dot optic

power: leves bullet holes in both sides of coke cans and can shoot throgh a cardboard box that is 50 feet away. may leave large blood gushing wounds.

I will get a piece list up soon

Step 1: The stock.

Picture of The stock.
build it. now.

1: what you are bulding
2: make 2
3: add orange connectors
6:connect and done!
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Do they have to be orange or will yellow work?
benfoxg (author)  uberrobodude4 years ago
yellow will work
i got the nar to go almost 500ft
legomman2005 years ago
Just built it yesterday for the second time :):):):)
dansdoc5 years ago
yeah ive seen the srv2 it shoots 500feet so you lose!
Oblivitus5 years ago
poo2thegeek5 years ago
hey any one got a part list???????
yerjoking6 years ago
Is that a bruise on your thumb on pic 1 step 7? Or is it ink or something else?
benfoxg (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
It's paint
Oh I was gonna ask how you did it lol.
benfoxg (author)  yerjoking6 years ago
But I did get this from a knex gun once
Photo 44.jpg
Juicy, I had a gun backfire, barrel it my in the face, cut my face, smashed my glasses, and bruised the hell outta my fingers, lol.
ive had a broken toe from a bigger version of the srv2. cos it went off while i was loading
on my slideshow which gun should I post in one of the pics you can see a bandage on my wrist. Thats from an exploding firing pin.
Yerjoking, LOL
No, I'm being serious.
He was making fun of your name. XD
I know, but it dm, I made this name for that sole reason, for people to make fun lol, they did on runescape too, I have 3 unique names on runescape, Fomby, got hacked, Yerjoking, member but not anymore and pansiecakey, an omen I'm sure.
Jesus. benfoxg5 years ago
Ooooch that looks bad. I got a bad one from this gun, the trigger misfired with my thumb in the way.......
was that from the DD-27?
benfoxg (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
no, the white tiger rifle
oh, I saw the DD-27 in the background, so I thought it was that....
Sweet battle scar.
benfoxg (author)  Mr. Stealth6 years ago
ow that looks painfull... my experimental crossbow exploded yesturday andfired pieces everywhere and whipped me with two wheels... the bruises hurt like hell.
legomman2005 years ago
 has anyone built a mini version
prodo1235 years ago
This is not a sniper rifle, this is an anti-material rifle. Damn thats gigantic!
my fingers are hurting just looking at it.

ninjusk5 years ago
skyer696 years ago
cool gun can someone send me a patch
Lol... i have 3
Lowney6 years ago
(KillerK's design really, but technically I have the instructable with the highest range K'nex gun on the site, topping a massive 500ft+ (video proof coming out before the end of June)
Jesus. Lowney5 years ago
this uses #64s yours used a #holy sh!t, you shot out a second floor window, he shot (did you?) off the ground. pown3d (gun in pic, my b.s.r. raptor)
knex4 035.JPG
Lowney Jesus.5 years ago
I had to shoot of a 2nd floor window because that was the only way the bolt could get over that row of gardens. There is an out-take of shooting off my driveway but I never found the bolt :(
Jesus. Lowney5 years ago
you do know that you incresed the range by 50 or so feet by shooting out the 2nd floor window
Lowney Jesus.5 years ago
it's about 30-40 actually. And even then it still shoots further: 522-450-50= 22ft difference. Meh I don't really care though because the SRv2 isn't even my own gun. Soon my new sniper will be complete and THEN I shall be victorious!
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
You do realize this was released before killerk posted pics of SR-v2.
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
Yes, but know the SR-V2 does exist
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
have you actually gotten 500+feet with the SR-v2?
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
Look at the video on the instructable
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