Picture of The Bubble Bucket
A bubble bucket is a hydroponic method for growing indoors that is small and compact. It uses a  soilless medium and sprays nutrient enriched water on the roots of the plant to encourage rapid growth. Now lets get started...

Step 1: The Shopping List

Shopping list for local hardware store (Homedepot/Lowes)
One five gallon bucket with lid.
One roll aluminum tape (not duct tape).
One 1/2" PVC Ball Valve (inside threaded on both ends).
Two 1/2" PVC Male Adaptor **Thread x Socket**
Two 1/2" PVC Elbow for Flexible Pipe.
One 1/2" Threaded PVC Plug.
One 1/2" Threaded Coupling.
Two 1/2" Threaded PVC Adapter to Flexible Pipe (some times called funny fittings).
Two 1/2" Grommets.
Four "O" Rings that fit the threads of the Male Adaptor.
One piece of 1/2" PVC Pipe (you need less then a foot per bucket).
Two 1/2" PVC Tees
2' Clear Flexible Tubing with 1/2" inside diameter

Shopping list for the local pet store:
8' of Silicone Airline Tubing
2 Airstones
2 Plastic check valves
1 Air Pump

Shopping list for a hydro store:
1 6" Net Pot
1 Bag of Hydroton Pebbles
law.tyler.56 months ago

Hi - on the final photo in step number ten, there appears to be a joiner or adapter joining the two lines together. I can't find it listed in the tutorial, and wondered if I'm just missing something, or if something's actually missing? Any help would be handy. Thanks.

Good question andybuda, I would also like to know how long had the plant been running for??
how much is everything on the shopping list together?
quadracer5 years ago
Very nice, How many can be daisy chained together? Green tomatos?
Intenzity5 years ago
That ain't no tomato plant......
TBR Intenzity5 years ago
That's for sure… drkart456, you did very well in your ible' about growing tomatoes but you have one bit of incriminating evidence in the last picture. MJ has a very distinct form even without the flowers and leaves. Nice roots, Thumbs Up
Harlzter5 years ago
http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/121335-lets-build-bubble-bucket-step-step.html definitely no tomatoes
andybuda5 years ago
i think its abit over kill what you`v done the water level indicator is a good idea inspired by a kettle no doubt but hats of to you mate thats a wicked root system il have to try this 1 day how long had the plant been running for??
could you add a step that describes how you use this bucket?
jrossetti5 years ago
You could also use bulkhead adaptors here, which might make for a better seal.  I got mine at a local aquarium supply.

Good instructable, it looks like a very effective design, I'll try it out later this summer.