Step 2: The MUCH Better Bucket(s)

I went an got another bucket, the same size and type as the first. Using my trusty reciprocating saw, I cut a slit all the way down one side of one of the buckets, from rim to base. That was all the real modification needed.

<p>That is a really cool i'm going to try that this year with my friends. You can also make the window a little bigger and us it as an airsoft fort. That is what i'm going to try and do.</p>
<p>Well done! You could even use the rectangular buckets that cat litter comes in! Next time, try waxing the inside of your bucket with car wax; it should help with the dislodging of a block.</p>
<p>good idea</p>
<p>Hmm, good idea, never thought of the car wax</p>
I should have did this last February. We had a blizzard with like 20 inches of snow and drifts 10 feet tall.
I am jealous!
U r dog looks like a mini polar bear in this pic
Yes, she does :P
I know, you said not to ask, but... Did you use the sword to flatten that cylinder? =)
yeah. it was a project gone wrong from a long time ago. not even sharp. but it's still fun to hit things with. earlier in the day i had decapitated some snowmen with it :P
We used to do this all the time as kids. We got lazy though and used big blue laundry tubs instead of buckets.
If someone counts with a group of friends these could very well be a good refuge in case of a blizzard.
yeah, it could conceivably be used as a survival structure, but only if the weather was very cold. i would not want to be in one of these in a blizzard, because snow could potentially pile on top of it and cause it to collapse.
You still have snow!? You are so lucky<br>
no, this was a couple weeks ago. i am just fantastically lazy, so i posted it late. <br>
Oh okay, I'm less jealous now.
This would be a lot better if my cursed internet would let me make photo tips.
I built a fort like this a while ago. I actually used pine branches for the roof.

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