RavingChild's birthday is a few days before Halloween, and usually his birthday party has the same theme as his Halloween costume. Since Halloween was Gimli the Dwarf this year, we needed to come up with an LOTR-themed cake. After some discussion, it was decided that the cake should embody the ultimate Evil of the LOTR saga - the lidless Eye of Sauron.
And the other ultimate Evil - Bundt cake.

Step 1: Ingredients, Materials and Tools

1 Chocolate cake mix
1 Yellow cake mix
Red and yellow food coloring
White or cream cheese frosting
Chocolate frosting

Bundt pan
Cupcake/muffin pans
Red and yellow cupcake cups

1 sheet  foamcore
1 sheet posterboard
Tissue paper
PVA glue
3 Cardboard paper towel tubes
Assorted toothpicks and bamboo skewers
Hot glue
Black & silver spray paint

Hobby Knife
Hot Glue gun

I just showed this to my LotR obsessed mother (who prides herself on making ridiculously OTT themed cakes) and I think she might need resuscitation...
The cake is a lie!<br>(Or at least the tower)
<p>Can you make a smaller more manageable version for like a cupcake?</p>
*Homer Drool Voice* <br>mmmmMMMMMmmmm-grhabhleaaaagh... Optimus prime on a stiiiiiiick.
*Homer Drool Voice* <br>Mmmmm .. unholy cupcake .. arghlar
Forbidden donut
behold the horror
The precious cake...I wants it!
Did you eat all of it by yourself? Great cake!
epic. also, i never knew you call it a bundt cake. i know it as babovka.
Epic cake
Thanks very much!
Wow i love this cake....

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