Step 5: The Dark Tower - Tons and Tons of Pointy Things.

I cut a shield-shape out of posterboard and glued it to the front of the forky thing. Then I glued approximately a billion toothpicks, bamboo skewers, and larger bamboo skewers all over the tower, taking care to ensure that each one was lovingly trimmed to the correct length for its position on the tower. This was mostly accomplished using a wire-cutter and a lot of cursing. Please refer to the photos for some idea of the positioning, as trying to describe it in text would certainly cause me to break out in hives.

Note: My camera seems to have eaten several of the picturesthat should go here. Basically, I used toothpicks on the forky piece, thin skewers on the top tier, and thicker skewers on the bottom two tiers. These were just glued on vertically, with points protruding at the top of the tier, for the most part.

I should mention that some of the pointy things on the bottom tier were allowed to extend lower than the base of the tower, almost as if someone planned to use them to anchor the tower in some kind of soft, cakelike substance. It's probably just a coincidence, though.
I just showed this to my LotR obsessed mother (who prides herself on making ridiculously OTT themed cakes) and I think she might need resuscitation...
The cake is a lie!<br>(Or at least the tower)
<p>Can you make a smaller more manageable version for like a cupcake?</p>
*Homer Drool Voice* <br>mmmmMMMMMmmmm-grhabhleaaaagh... Optimus prime on a stiiiiiiick.
*Homer Drool Voice* <br>Mmmmm .. unholy cupcake .. arghlar
Forbidden donut
behold the horror
The precious cake...I wants it!
Did you eat all of it by yourself? Great cake!
epic. also, i never knew you call it a bundt cake. i know it as babovka.
Epic cake
Thanks very much!
Wow i love this cake....

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