-   Ever found yourself rummaging through your trash? Do you have some sort of creative cell in your brain? Dou you have a pile of nails, paperclips, wire, or other metal detritus? If "YES!" or even "yes..." was your answer to any of these questions, then you can bend and shape this metal into creative or just plain insane peices of art. 

-   In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple metal-trash art pigeon. There is no welding, braising, soldering, gluing, or melting of any kind in this build... Just bending and twisting.

-   Some people would say that technically "aluminum (aluminium) is not a metal, it is a metaloid", then I counter with "aluminum is being used as a metal for building/artistic purposes."

-   All of the materials in this project can be substituted for other materials to make it free to build! It doesn't have to be a pidgeon eather.

-   As always, if you somehow find a way to harm yourself or others in the act of metal-trash art making or you creation ever harms someone, I take no responibility for your actions or the consequences.

Step 1: Tools, Materials, + Safety

-   Tools for metal trash art very for what you are planning on making, but for this project all we need are some pliers for bending, some nippers, and some scisors.

-   Materials needed for your personal metal-trash pigeon are:
     >One light bulb (incandescent, unless you want to make some crazy looking birds) burnt out or not.
     >About 5 paper clips
     >An aluminum welding rod
     >aluminum foil

-   Safety for this project basically is close your eyes when you are using the nippers. If you need to use those little rounded over safetyscissors, then do so.
this is really prettyful =) and i am utterly in to turning metal waste into peice of art. <br>please check my post hereunder and let me know your thoughts on my attempt of reusing and upcycling old electric random parts: <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-figures-out-of-your-Recycle-Bin/ <br>all the best <br>

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