Picture of The C4.1 Lego Semi-Automatic Crossbow
The C4.1 Semi-Automatic Crossbow features a few improvements over the original C4, such as:

-Capacity has been increased from 4 rounds to 6 rounds
-Magazine cover has been improved to be more sturdy
-Trigger handle has been changed to be more comfortable
-A stock has been added.



The crossbow's range is still 35+ feet, and it is still powerful and accurate.
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Step 1: The Stock

This step will build the stock of the gun.

Step 2: The Rear Cover/Stock Attachment Area/Rear Sight

This step builds this part of the gun.

Step 3: The Trigger Handle

This step rebuilds the handle.

Step 4: Magazine Cover

This step rebuilds the cover which goes over the magazine area (where the rounds come out).

Step 5: Magazine Adjustments

Picture of Magazine Adjustments
This step slightly lengthens the magazine, to support the extra 2 rounds. The total magazine capacity 6 rounds. (As well as the 18 necessary rubberbands to fire them, see the rubberbands sections in the original C4 Crossbow Instructable).

Step 6: Assembly Of Parts

This step will assembly the main body with the handle and stock.
meaner67883 years ago
hey have you thoght of a relodable clip
hay guys check out my new lego crossbow click on my profile come on do it for master chief
(YOUR N4 years ago
bof! la natasion escargo la macheti sorry i acsidently tiped in french
Instead of three rubber bands linked together, I used four single large rubber bands that are fairly tight. It easily shoots through paper and leaves pefectly rectangular holes. Another reason I did this was because with weaker rubber bands the last two shots can jam, this is because the bands on there own don't always pull the gear around properly.
Bitterberry9 (author)  TOMBenterprise5 years ago
 ya that sounds like that would work pretty well, but  mine didnt seem to make that mistake with my rbs, so i guess it mustve just been your rbs i guess... although your combo of rbs sounds alot better than mine :) 
xraptor7775 years ago
 I've made all of your Lego weapons and now they all have a place of honor on my desk. These just can't get any better!
Elricho5 years ago
i cant spell word!!!!
Elricho5 years ago
niec work.i built it.took a few hours 2 find all the pieces. one wrod of advice- dont aim at eyes!!!! i shot my self and it hurt!!!! it left a masive mark on my face!!!!!
did it
Wicky5 years ago
Wow very nice, I might be able to build from my brothers lego. 5stars