Want to feed the birds (not only chickadees)?  Enjoy a Java and build yourself a CHICKADEE 9000 coffee cup bird feeder!  

Almost everyone needs coffee these days, and almost every bird needs to eat.  Two great desires are satisfied in this DIY that anyone can build on the cheap.  

:  I usually recommend avoiding disposable coffee cups altogether.   But if you do buy one, here's a way to get some lasting value out of it.

NOTE 2: Black (Oil) Sunflower Seeds are an amazing source of protein for many back-yard birds.

Step 1: STEP 1 - Drink a Coffee

This is where the fun begins.  Go to your favourite coffee shop and order some java-juice!

The beauty of STEP 1 is how good it tastes, and how any size cup will work.  Small, Medium, Large & even Extra-Large.  Drink it all up and don't leave any drips around.  Birds don't like coffee... especially the decaffeinated kind.

NOTE:  I have heard that this will also work with cups that have had TEA in them.  I haven't tested this out myself but it is plausible <grin>.

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