Step 6: Electric Car Layout

This is the basic layout for exceed 1/10th scale rc cars and trucks. It has all the parts of other brands but the other brands have things in different places..
<p>I just found these in my shed. trying to find out if they work, I dont know anything about this stuff. Can anyone help.</p>
<p>I'm trying to figure out if my little R.C Audi R8 would go better on dirt gravel rocks or sandals?.</p>
<p>A friend has just bought her first RC truck and expressed a desire fr old-school controls. Jo sticks? Are these available?</p>
<p>how do I build one</p>
<p>whats the diff b/w 1/10 , 1/5th etc?</p>
<p>I crashed my Helion Contakt truggy into the curb, now it doesn't turn, only goes fwd and reverse. Do you think I have to replace the modular and servo? </p>
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I have a himoto buggy 1/10 scale but im not sure what model or anything becuase i bought when i was around 10 so i didnt really look around or anything (im 14 now) I was looking to upgrade my motor and esc to a brushless version. What motor should i look for if i want to be quick and have good torque? Also i would like to run a 11.1 lipo in it aswell. Help would be much appreciated ?
<p>Im looking for an upgraded motor for my off road electric car and I would prefer that it would be going a bit slower I think the standard motor is 27T, so for my car to be torquier I would need a higer T motor.. like a 35T or 55T ?</p>
Correct. What is the car you have and what are you using it for?
The car is a Tamiya CC01 and im going to be using it for Scale crawling/trailing
<p>35T brushless would probably be good for that</p>
<p>please send next steps</p>
<p>please send next steps</p>
What parts in need to rebuild my srt need some help asap and were can i get the parts for the low
<p>Ok, so I am also 14 and will soon get a new RC car.So I ve been into short course trucks recently,and with research I found the Traxxas Slash 2WD.I will buy it mostly because I heard its quality and its not very expensive,only 300 euros.</p><p>And Also because all the parts come with it,so I can easily get into the RC hobby and then work on builds.</p><p>Can any professional person say if its worth the money? That would be nice ;)</p>
<p>The slash is a great starter rc truck. Very easy to upgrade and parts are plentiful. I have several RC's (not a slash yet), most of which are Traxxas. Good luck and have fun.</p>
<p>Yeah Im probably going to buy the Ford Raptor SVT Which is basically the same,but better body ;)</p><p>And I have been on the tamiya site looking for rally cars and I found this:</p><p><a href="http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/58570lancia_delta/index.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/58570lancia...</a></p><p>If you can give any information on the tt-02 chassis and tamiya cars it would be appreciated.</p>
Hi,ive almost finished my tamiya rc drift spec skyline but the wiring is stumping me there is a red white black ribbon cable coming from both servo and esc box with male connectors,do i join these together? Any help much appreciated its my first rc build.....
<p>The servo wires go to your receiver. Just make sure you plug them into the correct channel. </p>
Wiring issue on first build
Hi a need a metor for a project in school I'm make a rc car. Would you be willing to be a metor?
<p>You can check out my blog where I am posting how to design a custom rc car.</p>
Ive been working with rc cars for about 8 yrs now and have doealt with both nitro n electric. Nitro is great but is also messy, loud and has to be done outside. Electric is easier to uses and most novice users got with them since you can get the cheap store brand ones ei tyco or newbright. I started with an Associated Nitro TC3 and it shot out of hand from there. Now i own 7 of them, 3 nitro and 4 electric mostly Associated and my other 2 are a Traxxas Stampede and a Tamiya TA01. Its a fun but expensive hobby just like any other hobby ao be prepared to ivest if you want to fix and improve.
Hi I just bought a tacon soar brushed rc car it's my first rc I was wondering if you can help with the only problem so far! When I try to make it stop it doesn't stop fast it's really slow and when I try to make it reverse it's almost like I have to press the reverse twice and idea how to make it more responsive to stopping?
<p>if you got a tuneable controller make share its setted correctly (like u can tell it when the trigger is pulled to max and when to full revers).</p><p>unless that u should go threw your manual to check how to change esc settings, you will might need a programing card</p>
<p>thanks, you helped alot,</p><p>ended up with a rc10 classic and im really happy with it</p>
<p>hey, where are you cause i was going to ask if i can borrow it for my science project</p>
<p>i sware i wont break it</p>
<p>lol, i broke it first :P</p><p>any way i wont land it to anyone but unless u need a 40 kph speed demon you wont need a car like this.</p><p>if you want to make a robot a cheap rc car or the tamyia bases will fit </p>
I am 39 years old, and am just getting into R/C the first car i got was an Arrma Fury. I upgraded to a brushless motor (castle sct sidewinder ) the body is not as durable as some. However, this car is just as fast as a traxxas or any other car after the mods. Things break. But parts are easily available. Most cars are upgradable. Most important. Have fun!!!
<p>I am also 39 and getting into RC cars again - the last time I had one was a Grasshopper. I splurged on a Traxxas Rustler VXL and and so happy with it! it was amazing to drive! My 9yr boy learned how to drive it too. He filmed this video of the first complete jump! Video is here: <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/29t9v9oi9gihgml/traxxas-rustler-car-flip.mov?dl=0" rel="nofollow">https://www.dropbox.com/s/29t9v9oi9gihgml/traxxas-...</a></p><p>Than we took it out of training mode. Vrooom this car is so fast an fun to drive! I naturally smashed it into a curb at full speed. Opps! I'm still trying to get used to steering at that speed. Damage was basically a cracked front chassis and plastic arm connections. Wondering if I should try the metal versions? I found an exploded view which is helpful but still not sure on the correct parts to order to fix and prevent reoccurrence. Anybody know of a good 'front chassis area' parts package out there?</p>
<p>Hey, om i was going to ask if i can borrow your rc car for a project im doing in school</p>
There are also gas rc cars. Also, for an electric rc car, a fast charger can charge your car in as little as 15 minutes.(compared to 6+ hours)
<p>New to RC's and just want to know how much smaller a 1/16 is compared to a 1/10. I mean obviously I get the fraction then correlates to the size, I just mean are 1/16s like really small? Looking at the Traxxas Summit 1/16 and just don't know enough to guess how big it is going to be. And I know this becomes incredibly simplistic but try and compare it to something...loaf of bread...football. I just don't want a vehicle that is the size of a grapefruit. Sorry...Ha!</p>
What do u mean by how big like in motor?
K I have a traxxas 4x4 electric if I get a brushless how fast will it make it go it's about 110 dollars for the brusless
Hi everyone I bought a tacon soar brushed rc car it's my first rc I made a little track in the back to race it I'm having problems with the breaks the car doesn't stop fast at all and sometime I have to push the trigger to revers twice before it actually reverses can anyone help me out with this? I kinda want it to crop &quot;on a dime&quot; or as fast as possible! Thanks!
<p>hi, I'm so sorry to bother you with what's possibly a dumb question....so I'm apologizing beforehand. Lol....anyway, I bought my son two rc cars so we can race! I bought two COMPLETELY different makes and models, because I didn't want cross controlling! I.e one remote controlling both lol......BUT unfortunately it's still happening.......is there a way of stopping this, or changing the control channel??? X </p>
You would need to change the crystals that came with the cars. Look on the transmitter (remote ) and see if it has a number like 27.145 mHz. If both remotes have that same number, just buy a new set of crystals for one of the remotes. They come in a set of 2, one says tx for transmitter (remote ) and the other says rx(reciever). The reciever has the annt attached to it in the car. Hope this helps out.
<p>I recently found an IX cyclone 1 rc car and i would like to get it working. It doesn't have the charger or the remote, but it has a battery. The battery says: Nickel Cadmium AA 700mAh 9.6V and a sticker on the car that says BAND 49 mhz. What controller should I get? I've heard getting a controller that is 49 mhz may not work with a different car that is 49 mhz. Where can i find a charger for the battery? Thanks for any info provided.</p>
<p>Have you ever heard of http://www.hobbies3sixty.com?</p>
<p>Based off the explanation, a street car can become a drift car if you change the ttires and tune it a bit, and vise versa, right?</p>
<p>u gotta make some more modefys , but in a nutshell , yes</p>
<p>you have even told us the most important thing for the rc car</p><p>how every components work, how does the transmitter transmit, and how does the antenna receive data and how does it cause the motors to move, you have told us how it works, or the construction.</p><p> </p><p>please can you tell us what every components does, please don't just tell the functions tell us how it does the functions,</p><p>e.g how do we move my arm?</p><p>the muscles give us the ability to move the arm</p><p>but how does the muscle work in order for us to move our arm?</p><p>when we want to move, the muscles automatically become shorter, and the tendons are attached to the muscle and the other end of the tendon is attached to the forearm bone, the tendons are attached to the forearm bone so when the muscle gets shorter, the arm moves, it pulls the forearm bone. this is how the arm moves</p><p>this is how the arm </p><p> </p><p>similarly</p><p>how does the car move?</p><p>the transmitter and the receiver and the motor give the car the ability to move</p><p>but how does the transmitter and the receiver and motor work in order to for the car to move?</p><p>pleas someone answer this in the detail, without using big words, just explain everything simply. but tell literally everything.</p><p> </p><p> </p>
The radio(tx) sends a signal to the car's receiver(rx). That signal comes from input from you through the throttle (trigger on most transmitters these days) and the steering wheel. These signals are read by the rx and split into 2 channels. Channel 1 is usually linked to a steering servo which moves in accordance to the input, rotating 90&deg; in either direction pushing a control arm which causes the steering assembly to turn. Channel 2 is usually linked to an esc (electronic speed control) which takes your input and translates that to what throttle % to turn your motor causing acceleration.
<p>Hey!I am under 18.I am 14 right now so does that mean that I can be a cheapstake?</p><p>I know this company called Maisto makes RC Cars but they are not hobby grade.If you could help me to decide whether I should or shouldn't buy one of their cars.</p>
Do not buy maisto. Unless you want to throw it away later. For a little more money you can get into a hobby grade car.
<p>just about died of a super LOL outburst the moment I read &quot;HPI isnt as high quality as traxxas. didnt even read the rest of the article. they have no clue what they are talking about. OR this article was written when things were opposite i guess? I have a HB TCXX made by HPI racing and it is 100x better quality than even the most expensive offering in traxxas lineup. just the kit is more expensive than traxxas BEST RTR fully upgraded. Traxxas are made of plastic &quot;good for bashing&quot; HPI are made of carbon fiber, titanium, 7075 aluminum, and steel. So please, tell me again how they are worse quality? </p>
I have to agree with you. Especially when I saw the exceed rc car up there. I've been running team associated for years.

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