Be you Queen B, Queen WannaBe, or Elizabeth II, the best way to channel your inner Mighty Monarch is to fashion a crown of your very own. Though your royal self will, of course, outshine all the peasants, you can ensure your bag does as well by adding some fun little lights. The matierals to make this precious joo-elle encrusted statement piece can easily be found in the local thrift shop, dollar store, and fabric market, but it looks like you just busted it out of The Tower. So, c'mon princess, get your coronation on!

Step 1: Materials, Tools


  1. velvety fabric for bag exterior, about a half meter/yard by 115cm/ 45" (if buying at textile store), or a velvety curtain or table cover or the skirt of a circa 1984 cocktail dress
  2. a similar amount of lighter material to line the bag
  3. fairly stiff interfacing/webbing, preferably the iron-on kind
  4. a piece of felt (15cm x 30 cm / 6" x 12") or stiff material for the base of the bag - a really big, flat insole might work
  5. a piece of faux fur, white, about 15cm x 75cm / 6"x 30", or a crappy Santa hat
  6. assorted cotton crocheted laces that, if you squint, might look like filigree
  7. acrylic paint in your choice of gold or silver
  8. joo-elles, the kind you sew on like buttons, in assorted colours and sizes. pearls and beads could work too.
  9. a string of 8 to 15 little battery operated lights and batteries
  10. thread, super glue, some sort of glue that is rubbery and flexible when it dries
  11. chain for the handle
  12. grommets/eyelets
  13. zipper or hook and loop fastener
  14. crappy paint brush(es)
  15. chain or pearl rope for handle


  1. fine and heavy sewing needles
  2. sewing machine
  3. pins
  4. scissors
  5. hammer, grommet tools
  6. small pliers
  7. a thimble - no really you need one!
<p>This looks great. You should enter it in the Make It Glow contest.</p>

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